I Scream, You Scream

Word finally came down from Bank of America’s-Taxpayers-Are-Keeping-Us-Afloat and as suspected, MJ is no longer an employee. That’s fine, it was expected. What was unexpected, however, is how they treated her on the way out. I won’t get into it because it’ll make me too angry, but if I ever see her district manager — let’s just call him DICK — it’s going to take all the restraint in the world not to launch a verbal nuclear strike on his arrogant, misogynistic derriere.

So to cheer up my wife (who handled herself with more dignity and class than I’ll ever have, and even wished the DICK good luck and thanked him for working with her) I offered to take her to lunch. I know we should probably be saving money and not going out to eat, but that can start tomorrow. Today, we spent $25 and ate comfort food at Friendly’s.

And you know what, I’m glad we did. Because we took Will with us and he did not disappoint when it came to cheering mom up. He was a flirt with the waitress, other customers and anyone else who caught his eye. That’s par for the course. But then it came time for dessert and that’s when I saw it.

His eyes went wide as he caught sight of our waitress coming from the kitchen. His jaw dropped a little as he looked on with awe and desire. I’m not sure if it was the bright red cherry, the fluffy mound of whipped cream or the deep purple color of MJ’s black raspberry ice cream in that glass dish. Maybe it was all of the above. But in that moment I saw what I refer to as “the ice cream face.”

And I smiled because I realized that’s something about us all that will never change. Will’s reaction today to the waitress bringing out the ice cream is the same way he’ll feel in 30 years. Hell, it’s the same face I still make when I spot my sundae coming toward me. Is there anything else on this planet that brings us straight back to our childhoods than ice cream? The hot fudge mixed with strawberry topping. The rich, chocolate ice cream. How it all tastes when it’s combined in our mouths.

Yes, we gave Will some. That’s probably why he won’t nap right now, but I don’t care. It was worth it.

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5 thoughts on “I Scream, You Scream

  1. That sucks – sorry about MJ’s job. Hopefully she’ll be able to use the extra time for things she loves, and an much better job with a nicer boss if she so desires.

    Oh, you’ve GOT to give the boy ice cream! Forget naps – that’s the stuff that memories are made of!

  2. First off, sorry to hear about the job loss. Thas sucks. I have a feeling mine is ending soon as well. I’ve been feeling that way for a year though, so who knows.

    We have “our place” that we take the kids to on celebration days. (Adoption days, placement days, birthdays, daddy didn’t get fired today days, etc.) We don’t even have to actuallly GO there, merely driving PAST the place gets “the ice cream face”. Great story.

  3. Man – I’m sorry to hear about MJ’s job loss. You’re stronger than me for the fact that if a DICK treated my wife badly on the way out, I’d be in my car on my way to see DICK and do what I could to make him look like one in front of the employees.

    And good call… I find ice cream has become the source of happiness – it really does make you feel better!

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