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From the Cape Cod Times, May 19, 2008

My name is Aaron Gouveia. I’m an award-winning former journalist and current dad blogger. My articles on parenting have been prominently featured in TIME Magazine, Parents Magazine, American Baby Magazine, Huffington Post,, Role Reboot, the Cape Cod Times and the Good Men Project, where I served as a managing editor. My “Confronting Life” piece at the GMP is currently one of the most-read articles in the website’s history.

I’ve also been featured on BBC’s internationally acclaimed Newshour radio program, the Ottawa Citizen, “Greater Boston” with Emily Rooney, CBC Radio’s nationally syndicated “The Current” program, and performed regular TV segments on New England Cable News while I was working as a journalist.

As a reporter, my stories appeared in the Boston Herald, Cape Cod Times, MetroWest Daily News, Sun Chronicle, Milford Daily News and others. I have several first place awards from the New England Newspaper & Press Association and New England Associated Press News Executives Association.

I regularly contribute to major media stories involving fatherhood, dads, work/life balance, marriage, raising boys, and other related topics. If you’d like to schedule an interview or you’re on deadline and need someone quickly for your story, email me and it will go directly to my phone. Include your name, your organization, a callback number and any pertinent information and I’ll get back to you within 30 minutes.

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4 thoughts on “In the News

  1. Just read your drivel on the 9 year old girl shooting and uzi. Why is everything that happens needs to be politicized? Not every accident, from this one to the shooting in Ferguson should spark some idiotic political debate. It begs the question: Where were you last week when an 8 year old girl fell to her death in Yellowstone hiking with her parents? Nowhere. Not one iota of speeches about trail control, parental control, or any other such nonsense. Nobody took to the internet and talked about National Park responsibility and how parents who allow their children to hike in Yellowstone are bad parents. Accidents can indeed be just terrible tragedies. Nothing more, especially to make some political buck on.

  2. Aaron, just read your Opinion piece for Time, “A Tale of Two 9-Year Olds” and I’m just sick. I have a similar feeling in my gut as the day Newtown Connecticut lost its innocence. I thought the original reporting of the 9-year old girl at Bullets and Burgers (who was the Ph.D. who thought up that catchy name?) was enough to make us wonder just how deep our society have sunk in ‘our distrubingly warped gun culture’ (which is about as succinct as it gets) until you now introduce us to 180 degrees of warped senses – a mother arrested for allowing her 9-year old to be at a public park, seemingly in control of her own being, and now facing prison, fines and public ridicule. We are close to hitting rock-bottom as a society. Indeed, I played as a 9 year old at public parks (some 50 years ago) and survived quite well. But we’re so far gone from that era. We have decided that 9-year olds with guns are normal and playground-playing kids and their parents are anomalies and need to be controlled. How pitifully sad. How pitifully sad our elected officials elect not to see this as wrong and against our DNA as a society. How pitifully sad, we as parents don’t express the outrage. Just so sad.

  3. Martha: That you refer to my piece as “drivel” and then call the shooting of an unarmed man an “accident” is beyond ironic. But then you went ahead and outdid yourself by comparing letting your kid hike a trail to putting a machine gun in her hands. Well done. And you’re totally right. Hiking deaths are every bit the scourge that shootings are. They’re totally on pay with one another. Thank you so much for setting me straight. Uzis for everyone!
    Daddy Files recently posted..The 5 Stages of Spending Time Without KidsMy Profile

  4. Aaron, I read the “A Tale of Two 9-Year Olds” and I am with you 100%. We are restricting the free movement of our children and are forced to become either helicopter parents or go to jail, while 9 year olds take automatic weapons to the shooting range and 12 year olds open-carry guns to Phoenix airport, accompanied by an irresponsible parent. Stop the insanity!

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