It’s Just a Scratch!

I’m hopelessly addicted to geocaching these days. And since I have an extremely addictive personality, that means I need to indulge in my new hobby whenever humanly possible.

So last night I was all prepared to go find a few local caches and I was impatiently waiting for MJ to get home from work. I had Will and the dog all ready to go, all she had to do was change her clothes. Well wouldn’t you know it, the minute she walks in the door it starts thundering and lightning like a mofo. I, of course, still wanted to go out amidst the bolt lightning piercing the sky like a dagger. But thankfully MJ was there to remind me that baby + lightning = charring.

So even though geocaching is supposed to be the thing MJ and I do together, as soon as she left for work I got Will dressed and lined up two caches I wanted to hunt. The weather was gorgeous, Will was in a good mood and so I fired up the GPS and hit the trails.

I picked two easy finds, knowing I’d have to carry Will the whole way because the stroller would’ve been useless on these wooded trails. Now keep in mind, I’m new at this. I get all excited when the GPS starts pointing the way to the treasure and I excitedly bound off in whatever direction it points me in, kind of like a hyper labrador.

Eventually I came to a fork in the road. The only problem was the GPS was pointing me straight ahead about 500 feet. Now it’s at this point I should’ve remembered that most cachers hide their loot not too far from the path, because who wants to go bushwacking through prickers and poison ivy? But since I lack common sense, I figured the fastest way to get where I was going was straight.

Straight through the trees. Straight through the branches. Straight through the pricker bushes. All the while carrying my son who was getting eaten by mosquitoes.

I quickly realized that I should’ve stayed on the path. But Will wasn’t too fussy (he actually seemed to be enjoying it) and I’m stubborn, so I forged ahead. Finally I saw the path I needed. As I trudged the final few steps through the underbrush, my foot caught on a root and I knew I was about to fall. Instinctively I held Will up as high as I could to shield him from any danger. Although I was mostly successful in this attempt, he did get cut by one solitary pricker and he started bleeding a little from his right leg.

I expected him to wail both from the shock of falling down in dad’s arms and from the sting of the pricker. But instead he just looked at me like “Dude, what was that all about?” I smiled at him, wiped the blood from his leg and we carried on as if nothing happened.

We found two caches in less than 25 minutes, but more importantly my little man showed his toughness. So he fell (ok, ok, so I fell!)? So he was cut? So he bled a little? Big deal! Will falls all the time because I let him tumble (as long as he’s not going to be seriously hurt) to teach him a lesson. And he learns it fast. I’m so proud of him because he doesn’t wail like most kids his age if they fall down or whack their head. He just gets up, dusts himself off and carries on.

Just like his mother! 😉

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4 thoughts on “It’s Just a Scratch!

  1. It took me a long time to stop gasping when my girls fell when they were toddlers. That would make them cry and then I would cry because I was a bad mom and let them fall in the first place. Thank God the Mister would let them take minor tumbles without gasping and carrying on. Eventually I toughened up and stopped reacting when they fell.
    BTW, Will is a trooper. I hope you didn’t get too dented up when you fell. Sounds like Geocashing is dangerous . . .

  2. I used to tell my kids to shake it off and they’d start shaking their little bodies like I meant it literally. It was hilarious. In retrospect, probably not the best idea. They are freakishly tolerant to pain now which allows them to beat each other senseless. They use our trampoline like it’s a UFC cage ring. They started making rules with the neighborhood kids on Saturday as to what you could and couldn’t do, lol. When my youngest said the first rule is, I yelled the first rule of the trampoline is you don’t talk about the trampoline. Unfortunately (or thankfully) none of the kids understood so I was the only one laughing.

  3. Hooray, on all fronts! Tumbling with kids/allowing them to tumble- Check!
    Geocaching- check!
    Bushwacking while GCing- check!
    GCing with son- check

    check please.

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