It’s OK Baby

I promised my gorgeous, perfect, wonderful wife I wouldn’t get into the details and get nasty. Because that’s how I feel right now. Without mentioning specifics, it looks like we’ll be down to one income soon. All because a certain bank, let’s just call it the Bank of the United States, has a grudge against a certain employee who did nothing but give 8 years of loyalty and hard work while employed there, even attaining “top performer” status for two of those years and winning free trips. And when medical conditions and other things out of anyone’s control began to understandably affect her work, they put her under a magnifying glass and looked for any reason to force her out.

And amazingly, because MJ is a saint, she asked me to not badmouth this certain Bank of the United States because she still thinks it’s a great company. Meanwhile, the things I’d like to say about this bank and the higher-ups in this region who run it would make Andrew Dice Clay blush.

So instead of badmouthing these morons who all of us taxpayers are currently bailing out because of their incompetence, I’m choosing to cheer up my wife with a little poem. Oh, and if any of you are know of any job openings for someone with a great background and 5 years of management experience, we’re all ears. So here you go, without further ado, this one’s called “It’s OK Baby.”

It’s OK baby, don’t you be glum

This is just another challenge we will overcome

You did your best and you gave it your all

It’s their loss and they’ve got quite the gall

It’s OK baby, don’t be upset

We’ll land on our feet, don’t you fret

With all your talent and all those skills

You’ll find another way to pay the bills

It’s OK baby, can’t you see?

Now’s the time you can lean on me

You hold us up you are the glue

But when you’re down we’re here for you

It’s OK baby, don’t you pout

These things have a way of working out

It’s probably best that you didn’t linger

So walk away proud and give ‘em the finger

It’s OK baby, just stay strong

You’ll find something else, it won’t be long

Sure times are tough, that much is true

But it’ll be OK because I believe in you

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13 thoughts on “It’s OK Baby

  1. Citizens usually has random openings scattered on and off cape. I have a friend that has worked for them for 3 years and she really enjoys it. Other than that, I got nothin’. 🙁

  2. Ugh that really sucks! I’m sorry for you guys.

    We are going through the same thing right now with my husband’s job. He got laid off after 7 years where he gave EVERYTHING to the company. So many times he chose it over his family and all for NOTHING. Our spouses appear to be much more mature (or something) than us because I’m with you & want to rip the higher ups some new arseholes.

  3. please tell MJ that I’m here if she wants to talk…or whatever. I don’t have any banking contacts but I have others if she’s thinking of a career change.

  4. Wow, that just sucks, you guys! MJ seems to be handling it well, and I’m quite impressed with your restraint and your poem, man. Good luck with your search.

  5. Wow, you’re a good writer — not only articles and blogprose but poetry too, that’s talent. I found the poem very touching. Best of luck with the employment situation.

  6. Surprisingly, such disasters frequently turn out okay. Lifestyles adjust to the income available and MJ gets to spend time with Will.

    Good luck

  7. I am sorry you guys have been put in this predicament. I am sure it is a great comfort though to know that she has such a loving and supportive husband.

  8. Everything that Bobby and I have been through that was extremely difficult (understated) has made us a stronger and happier couple….your support and positive attitude will go a long way…so do not be discourage if she is down while you are up:)

    And nice Poem!

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