I’ve Got My Baby Back

They always tell you never to wake a sleeping baby. Well, screw them!

I hadn’t seen my wife or son in more than three days so when I got home last night I was a man on a mission. And while MJ realizes it was a noble mission that stemmed from how much I missed my child, she had spent an hour putting him to bed because he was fussy. I was more than a little heartbroken when she begged me not to wake him up, so I reluctantly agreed not to bother him.

Which of course, was a huge lie as I walked right into the nursery, picked him up and squeezed him like the Abominable Snowman with a new pet!

I just really underestimated how much he’s changed my life. Because when he woke up and finally looked at me, I turned into a pathetic pile of mush when he recognized me and gave me an ENORMOUS ear-to-ear grin. I played with him for a while and just kissed and hugged him as he grinned at me. Maybe he’s just a happy kid, but I really believe he missed me and was happy to see me. I think he even said “Dadadadada” but I could be wrong.

Oh yeah, and I swear he grew at least six inches in the three days we’ve been apart. It’s like she took my baby to New Jersey and came back with this toddler. I am truly floored at how fast he is growing.

In the end MJ forgave me because she saw how much I missed him. It also helped that he went right to bed again as soon as I put him down. If he had been fussy I don’t think she would’ve been as understanding. It probably didn’t help that I failed to do the laundry, clean the house and take the dogs to the groomers like I had promised.

But what does she expect? It’s football season and the Red Sox are in the playoffs. I know household chores are important, but in the month of October they are nowhere near the top of my priority list.

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6 thoughts on “I’ve Got My Baby Back

  1. I will remind you of this post when he is two and tearing your house apart!!! 🙂

    Glad your unit is back together. I’m sure it was lonely without them.

  2. PA Mommy,

    Don’t get too cocky. Trent Edwards has a concussion and we’ve all seen what JP Losman brings to the table. The Bills will fade!

  3. Didn’t you see the asterisk? There’s always some qualifier to such rampant cheering from a Bills fan. Bully on you for figuring it out!

  4. I’m a witness – in her wedding vows she did promise to be patient with you, “particularly in October and January”…

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