Keep Him Awake

Very few people love their jobs, and so it’s not uncommon to look forward to quittin’ time. While I genuinely enjoy my job (most of the time), there are times when it involves working a lot of nights. And that means leaving Will in the morning and not getting home until he’s already asleep.

I don’t think there’s anything I hate more than the days when that happens. He usually wakes up around 7 a.m. or so, about the time I’m getting up to take a shower. Then I have to walk the dogs, eat breakfast and I get a few minutes to play with him. Then it’s off to work. And if I’m working that night it’ll be a whole 24 hours before I can play with him again.

I hate those nights.

I really look forward to coming home. Especially now that he’s older. When I get home from work I find myself bounding up the walkway to our door instead of just walking. Then I open the door and that’s when the fun starts. He turns and looks at me, startled at first, but then his expression changes. He gets THE WIDEST grin on his face and starts flapping his arms and tries to stand up because he’s so excited. Then he races over to me and I pick him up and smother him with hugs and kisses. Then I toss him down on the couch and do the “Tickle Monster” where I tickle his belly and under his arms and he goes absolutely ballistic. He loves it. And I love that he loves it. I mean c’mon, how can you not love coming home to that?

So when I get home late, I’m always bummed. But I still sneak into his room and gently pick him up. He usually wakes up for a few seconds, then puts his head on my shoulder and falls back asleep. And I hold him for awhile, rocking back and forth and kissing his head and smelling him (hopefully MJ changed him before bed, otherwise the whole smelling him thing isn’t so endearing). Babies just have this smell I find intoxicating. It’s like mainlining pure innocence.

I can’t believe he’ll be 1 in less than two months. Time is a nasty little thief and even though I’ve been around a lot for Will, I can’t help but feel a little cheated. I just don’t want to miss a single thing, you know? And each night I have to work late I feel like I’m missing out.

Wow, I have to go now. I swear to God he just figured out how to lift the plastic cover off his highchair table and he dumped out all the Cheerios on the ground. Of course I get this first that involves cleaning instead of first steps or first words!

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13 thoughts on “Keep Him Awake

  1. That is so cute! I can’t wait for that to happen. Rocket has just started smiling. I just can’t get enough!

  2. Man, it gets harder when you can hear them screamin’, “I WANNA GO WIT DADDEEEEEE” when you’re getting in your car and they’re stuck in the house. Due to my crummy school/work schedule, I cherrish the hour I get with them every morning and the hour I get to spend with them during dinner. Fridays-Sundays are ALL about the kiddos. Even the nights I don’t get home until 10 I make sure I go to their room and kiss them on their foreheads…they may not know it, but my life wouldn’t be complete without it.

  3. This is just the warm fuzzy I needed after going the hell off in the comments of your daycare article.

  4. JEE, I read that…and liked it! But don’t let the commenters on the CCT site get under your skin. They are the dregs of the Internet (and maybe the actual) society and if they actually had to sign their names to any of their posts they’d be gone in a heartbeat.

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