Kid-Free Weekend

I love Will, but this weekend was pretty damn fun and a welcome change.

I already had plans to hang out with friends on Sunday night, but Sunday morning my awesome neighbor Arty hooked me up with Red Sox tickets. So I made my way out to Boston, met my buddy Bear and we hit up the game. Unfortunately, the game itself was pretty bad due to a rain delay and the fact that the Red Sox suck and got crushed by the Rays. Furthermore, Bear and I are big guys. And if you’ve ever been to Fenway, the park is nearly 100 years old and the seats were built for men 5’5″ weighing 130 lbs. So not only are we fat, but our whole row was fat people. I tried to sit down first with only one person next to me and I couldn’t breathe. Bear didn’t even try to sit. He just stood in the aisle and shook his head dubiously.

So instead, we wandered over to the standing room spots behind home plate and along the baselines. And that’s where things really picked up.

The Lexington Minute Men performed the national anthem before the game. And after the first pitch was thrown they came up to our area and started enjoying a few beers. Inexcusably, however, they were not drinking Sam Adams. But holy shit were they funny.

I’m sure all you guys know the best way to pick up women is by using either babies or puppies. Well, screw that. These guys convinced me that the best way to garner some female attention is by dressing up like a colonial militiaman! Because every single woman who passed by wanted to hug them and have their picture taken with them. It was incredible. And the guys were lapping it up. We talked with them for two hours and by the end of the day, they were actively recruiting us to join their ranks.

After the game a bunch of us went to my buddy Jake’s house and just had a good ole fashioned sloppy time because none of us had to work on Monday. As a dad, I appreciate these kinds of nights because they’re so rare. I love Will to death but every once in a while, I need some mindless fun to just chill out and unwind. Let my brain go on cruise control and not think about diapers, daycare or sippy cups.

I’m well aware some parents with 2-year-olds haven’t ever spent one night apart from their kids, but I think that’s batshit crazy. You can still be a devoted parent while admitting you need a night to yourself occasionally. And man was I thankful for mine. But I do miss him and I can’t wait to see him tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Kid-Free Weekend

  1. Dude, I am way better off by having a night for myself once a week. I play softball and poker and it allows me to unwind, talk about things I can’t talk about with a four year old, and recharge my batteries. A definite must for all stay at home parents…

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