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We had a meltdown at the Gouveia house this weekend. Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long but it landed with a thud on Saturday.

I’m not sure exactly what caused it. I think it was just a combination of a lot of small things just building up and then overwhelming us all at once. I’m sure it’s normal and everyone goes through it, but it was ugly around these parts for a few hours.

I’m sure it all stems from the lack of sleep we’re getting. Lack of sleep makes us cranky. A crying baby exacerbates that crankiness. My wife being used as a human pacifier adds some more tension. Then, just for fun, throw in two dogs who are still curious and confused as to why there’s a small, noisy human taking so much attention away from them. So the dog jumped off the couch while the baby was sleeping and apparently MJ thought her tags jingled too loudly. A few minutes later the baby woke up crying and MJ immediately started yelling at the dog. All I did was remind her the dog made noise five minutes before the baby woke up so she shouldn’t take it out on the dog. A few minutes later I was on the computer and I looked over and saw her crying her eyes out silently on the couch. I asked what was wrong and received the standard “nothing” response. That drives me nuts. Who cries when nothing is wrong. Women are insane.

Anyways, a little later we were watching Scrubs on TV. And fittingly enough, the episode we were watching consisted of a husband and wife who just had a baby. The husband was making a video diary of the baby’s first day home from the hospital and when he went into the baby’s room he found his wife holding the baby and sobbing uncontrollably.

“I can’t do this,” she said. “We have to give her back.” The mom on the TV show then went on to describe how she wanted to throw her newborn daughter out the window when she wouldn’t stop crying. Just then I looked over at MJ and saw her nodding in agreement.

I flipped out.

I asked her why she was nodding and she proceeded to tell me that she’s felt that way herself. My wife told me she has thought about tossing my infant son out a window. I was horrified and I told her in no uncertain terms that she was a terrible person for thinking this. I mean hey, I get frustrated with Will when he cries but I’ve never wanted to harm him any way. Anyways, I may have told MJ that I think she’s horrible for thinking that and it was all downhill from there. She told me she can’t wait until I go back to work and I shot a few choice phrases her way too. It was ugly.

And ladies, you may think I’m the bad guy here. But I don’t care, because this blog is called the “Daddy Files” and it’s supposed to be thoughts from the Dad’s point of view. And since I’m the Dad, I say homicidal thoughts concerning an infant are not par for the course. It’s crazy talk. Yet I read all these articles online about how this is a common thing among women. Well if that’s the case, I’d like to state for the record that women are frickin’ insane and I’m glad I’ll never understand anything about your gender. Throwing a baby out the window…what the hell?

I’ll miss Will a lot when I go back to work tomorrow and I’ll probably call a dozen times to make sure he’s OK. Especially with thoughts of MJ tossing him into the Canal fresh in my mind. But maybe getting back to work is a blessing in disguise. Maybe we need a little separation and time apart to gain back an appreciation for one another. I love her to death, but I’ll never understand her. Nor would I want to.

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3 thoughts on “Meltdown

  1. She was brave to share her thoughts and feelings. Which is ALL they are. Her hormones are in the first tiem in a long time, at an all time low. She is experiencing post partum anxiety and fears of being a good parents and the thoughts ARE irrational and scary, but are not indicative of what kind of a mother she will be at all.

    She needs sleep…and she needs it bad…try and find a way for that to happen for her. And try a relaxing night…which something stupid like a kid’s show and chill in front of the tv…take things easy for a while and let her rest…or nap…she just needs to relax and breath and sleep. She will start to see the light in a couple more weeks:)

  2. I understand your concerns…but before you go too far, you should review something…

    From the April 9th post of “The Daddy Files”…

    “And that’s pretty remarkable since my parents told me I didn’t sleep through the night until I was three years old. I’m surprised they didn’t PITCH ME OUT A WINDOW (emphasis added).”

    Hmmmm…seems someone who I don’t believe is of the female gender has also had similar thoughts…

    I wish I could take credit for finding this myself, but someone who shall remain nameless for their own safety and security pointed it out.

    Your mother says she never actually did consider pitching you out a window. And I know MJ is already a great Mom.

    But I am grateful you live in a one-story condo…and I’m thinking of placing large pillows underneath each window just in case!

  3. Just like Carla from Scrubs, MJ might be experiencing post-partum depression. It’s really common, but she probably could use someone to talk to without judgements. And you both need a long, baby-free nap. Good luck.

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