I know, I’ve been MIA this week. Sorry. It’ll get better shortly.

Also, the site seems to be under siege by prescription medicine selling drones who have found a way to circumvent the efforts to keep spam out. We’re working on it, but in my haste to delete them I may have gotten rid of a few comments as well. Nothing personal.

And to complicate matters, my home computer died so posting will be very difficult in the immediate future. I am FREAKING OUT without Internet and it’s amazing how dependent I am on it. I also realized how dumb I am because without being able to check things on Google I’ve realized everything in my life is now nebulous.

And the icing on my shit cake? The “check engine” light in my car came on and it ended up costing me $250 to fix. Nothing like unexpected expenditures right before Christmas while reduced to one income.

Sorry, I know it’s tough all around. I’ll be in a better mood soon and much more interesting next week, I promise!

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6 thoughts on “MIA

  1. Ugh, I feel your pain on the car thing. Every year for the past five years my husband and I have had to have a car fixed in either October, November or December. It NEVER fails. That also happens to be when our insurance is due so it’s a super pain in the ass right before our kids’ birthdays and then Christmas.

    That REALLY sucks about the internet. I would DIE. I acually have my old webtv still for back up for whenever my computer takes a “little nap” for a bit. I can’t stand it when I can’t check my email obsessively.

    Hey, at least you’re alive. Right? 🙂

  2. I dumped about a grand at different times on the “check engine” crisis. And it kept coming back on …. finally I said ….. Aw Shucks … and lived with the yellow light for about 30,000 miles until I traded it in … American car … surprise surprise (although I now have a Ford).

    PS … maybe you should try some of those “prescriptions” … might help with your little problem.


  3. I understand about the internet thing. When my old laptop was busted I would be foaming at the mouth to use Big K’s laptop. I must have internet at all times!!!

    Things will get better!!!

  4. I have no knowledge of Canadian Pharmaceuticals – I want that clear, Jimbo! 🙂

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