My Little Manipulator

My son is a smart little son of a bitch.

Now that he can climb on the couch and chairs at will, we’ve been even more watchful of his actions. He learned quickly that he is not allowed to stand on the couch, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. So he climbs up on the couch and if I’m across the room I remind him gently to sit, which he does. But then — while keeping his eyes glued on me the whole time — he slowly gets his feet under him and begins to creep up again so he can stand. If he gets halfway up I say “WILL! PLEASE SIT!” at which point he puts his butt down.

But then it starts all over again. If I get mad enough to walk over there he immediately sits down with this Draco Malfoy evil little smile that says “What? I wasn’t doing anything.” He does the same thing in the tub because he loves to stand up in there too.

I guess I should be happy because I told the doctor about this at his last check up and the doc said it’s a sign of advanced intelligence to be able to manipulate your parents at such an early age. I’m not sure whether I’m proud of him or scared that he already knows how to push our buttons.

In the meantime I can’t believe I’m expending energy on trying to outsmart a 15-month-old on a daily basis. And I’m not even sure I’m winning!

Anyone else have kids this age who engage in similar behavior?

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7 thoughts on “My Little Manipulator

  1. I don’t have this problem yet, but the intelligence question is a funny thing. When you have a smart kid they can always keep you on your toes. It can be a lot of work but definitely better than having a dumbkid.

  2. Of course, Will is the smartest kid ever.

    But stubborness does not always indicate intelligence – though it can. Sometimes he is testing you, other times he is merely testing himself. But either way – I’m going to enjoy watching you both deal with it!

  3. Pushing your buttons and testing the limits of your patience will never stop. It will lessen slightly when they have a spouse, with a brand new set of limits to push, but I doubt it will ever stop completely, lol. My oldest used to very, very slowly drop things off his high chair while staring at me, like as long as he maintained eye contact I would be spellbound enough not to reprimand him, lol.

  4. JEE:

    YES!! That absolutely kills me!!! MJ tells me I’m crazy for thinking he does it on purpose, but I know he knows what he’s doing!

    Thank you!

  5. This past weekend I just caught my lil man Stan climbing on a kitchen chair and on his way to climbing up on the kitchen table. Yup, they’re really going to keep up on our toes now!

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