My Son Was on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kids. We love ’em, don’t we?

That’s why, as parents, we work so hard to take care of them. We nurture them as babies, providing sustenance, food and shelter. We shower them with unrelenting love and guide them as they utter their first words and take their initial wobbly steps into the world. We wrap them in a blanket of love and security as they grow, because it’s important as parents that we always make them feel safe and protected. That bond between parent and child leads to a solid foundation of trust that should never be violated.

Unless, of course, you can leverage all that trust to trick your kid on video and put him on national television.

That’s right. Will was recently featured on the late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. It was a bit Kimmel does in which he tells parents to tell their kids they ate all the Halloween candy on video, and put the reactions on YouTube. Now I know what you’re thinking — “That’s SO mean.” Well, the counter argument is it’s also hilarious. Don’t believe me? Check out the video. Will is at 2:52.

As you can see, the reactions varied. Wildly. And since we pull no punches around here, we can just say what everyone else is thinking: some of those kids are HUGE brats! Now you could argue they’re acting out because they’re being tricked by their parents. However, I say it’s moot. If your kid starts throwing water bottles and haymakers at you simply because his candy is gone, something is rotten in the state of parental Denmark. And the whining from some of the older kids? Yikes.

And even though this is a little underhanded for parents to do, I think it’s a nice test of how your kid reacts to and handles bad news.

Now to be fair, Will did cry. But even though he was sad, he still had the wherewithal to say “I’m not mad” and keep things in perspective. But what I’m really proud of him for wasn’t shown in the Kimmel video, but in the uncut version that I put up on YouTube. Take a peek.

The part I love is towards the end. He already thinks I’ve stolen his Halloween candy, and then I ask him if I can have his future candy that he hasn’t even collected yet. I thought for sure he’d tell me to take a hike, but instead he said “A little bit, sure.”

And that, my friends, is proof that my wife is raising this kid right!

Also, check out this video from a Plainville boy who was also on the show. He’s a really sweet kid and obviously being raised right. Must be a southeastern Massachusetts thing!

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4 thoughts on “My Son Was on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  1. Will is such an awesome kid! And so funny, haha. I’d say you are both doing a fantastic job raising him!
    Crying because you are disappointed is A-OK (even grown-ups do it, though maybe not about candy!), but throwing things and freaking out is totally not okay. Some of those clips made me cringe, I would be embarrassed if I were their parents and I would not be sending it in so the whole world could see!

    The night of my daughter’s 4th birthday all her presents were in a pile in the living room, so I stuck them in a box and put it in her room. When she got up in the morning, she didn’t see the box in her room. When she asked where the gifts were, I told her, “Oh no! I thought those were the things you wanted to donate. I gave them away, I’m sorry!” She started to tear up and said, “Well at least SOME kid’s gonna be happy. But it won’t be me!” She got over it pretty quickly, probably faster than I would have, if I’m being honest! Wish I’d had the presence of mind to video that one! 🙂

  2. I get that these are just kids, but some of them were so violent – like that one who immediately started hitting his mom & throwing things. If I ever did that, not only would I not get my candy back, but we’d never go trick or treating again!
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  3. A mom friend of mine has kids in the video, too. Hers are the brother and sister, third from the end – that didn’t get upset.

    I look at these as a fascinating exploration of personality. 🙂

    We did a mean trick to our daughter once – just for our own entertainment, no one wanted us to post it for Kimmel or anything – where we tricked her into thinking we had to go to the doctor for shots when what we were really doing was going on vacation. Evil, evil parents.
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