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My buddies at Dad-Blogs had a fantastic ideas last week, and that was for all of us fathers to write something complimentary about our wives. And it couldn’t have been more timely.

I’m very proud of MJ, and I’m eternally thankful for her. But today, I’m extra proud. Because today, my wife is going back to school for her master’s degree in business!

It’s something she’s wanted to do ever since she graduated from college nine years ago. But you know how it is, life kind of gets in the way. When she graduated she took a job as a teller to pay the rent on her apartment. They recognized how great she was and in three years she was a bank manager and a top performer.

Then MJ and I started dating and we hit a crossroads. She was an inch away from taking a job down in Florida. We were only 6 months into our relationship, but I was totally in love with her already. She hinted at me moving to Florida, but I’ll never live anywhere except New England. However, I never asked her to stay, I told her to do what makes her happy.

She chose me.

From there it’s the same old story. Engagement, marriage, house, mortgage, baby. She always wanted to go back to school and she always had jobs that would reimburse her for it. But she always decided it wasn’t the right time, we didn’t have the money, etc.

Truth be told, I’m not sure if we have the time or money now. Sure she gets a hefty reimbursement from work, but we have to front the money until next year. Not to mention her one book for her class cost a whopping $214. Can you believe that? FOR ONE BOOK!! Forget credit card companies, the textbook industry needs some regulation. And she can only take one class a time, which means this will be a 2-year process from start to finish. She’s taking the 3-hour class on Monday nights, which is when my parents watch Will overnight into Tuesday. It’s also the only time MJ and I have to spend together as a couple.

I’m disappointed to lose that time to reconnect with her. And we’re going to struggle even more financially now. I mean really struggle. This is an undertaking that’s going to require time, sacrifice and lots of overtime at our respective jobs. And not that we’re pregnant with Kid #2 yet, but it’s been discussed. Two parents working full-time, one parent going back to school part-time, one toddler, a potential newborn, a dog, two cats and lots of bills that need to be paid.

Some people have already told MJ she should wait to go back to school so she can focus on her family. But you know what, those people can go to hell.

My wife is always trying to better herself. And going back to school is what will make her happy. And in the end, that will do nothing but help our family. More knowledge, more skills, more money = better ability to pay bills, a bigger house and a sense of self-satisfaction and accomplishment you can’t put a price tag on. Her first class hasn’t even started yet, but I can already see MJ is happier. Because she’s doing something. She’s taking action. And I admire the hell out of her for that.

And sure, this is going to be hard. Her class time, the studying, the extra expenses…a lot of that is going to impact me big time. Because she works an hour away, I already have the bulk of childcare duties during the week. But with class time and her having to study, that just increased quite a bit. Not to mention I’ve already started taking every extra shift and overtime possibility I hear about because I know we’ll need it. And when you see your wife only 2 hours a day with one night (Monday) to yourselves, it’s painful to take that one night away. But I never hesitated to tell her to go for it.

After all, that’s what marriage is all about. Compromise and supporting each other.

MJ puts up with my crazy sports habit. She understands how important it is for me to go to Patriots/Red Sox games. And when I shell out money to play fantasy sports, she never criticizes me even though she has no friggin idea what the point is and thinks it’s stupid. But you know what, she supports me because she knows it’s important. She doesn’t belittle me or the things I love. She doesn’t try to control me, restrict me or put down those things, even when she thinks they’re the dumbest things on Earth. And THAT is why I married her. Because I could never spend my life with someone who constantly judged me or the things in which I’m interested and love.

And that’s why I’m more than happy to return the favor. Good luck baby, I know you’ll knock em dead!

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7 thoughts on “My Wife Rocks

  1. Yay MJ!!! It really is easier to do things when they’re young. Once they get older it’s much more difficult to juggle their school functions, homework, sports and extra curricular stuff. As a parent you may feel bad about missing some of the firsts or not being there when funny moments happen but when they get older it’s much harder to explain why you weren’t at their game, concert, recital, etc…

    It’s definitely worth it, and to hell with what other people think. They just don’t want her to prove their own excuses wrong. Makes ’em look bad.

  2. That’s awesome! Tell her congrats and to ignore everyone who says not to do it. I am under similar circumstances except I never got my university degree at all. My wonderful boss has made it possible for me to do it part time online and he is also reimbursing the costs. Education is very important, especially with the economy the way it is. Tell her to kick ass!

  3. And this is why you will be that old, happily married couple, sitting in rocking chairs holding hands when you are 90.

  4. Is it just me or does Aaron make most other men look like complete ARSES!!!!?!?
    Yah MJ! And Aaron, keep loving and supporting each other they way you guys do and all the cards will fall back into place.

  5. Dude, two years is nothing in a lifetime of bliss with your soulmate. One Monday at a time and one kiddie meltdown at a time. Ive seen you dance, and if she hasn’t left you after that, she NEVAH will!

    Go get it MJ, you deserve it!

  6. Did I read that correctly: “more than happy to return the favor”??? So your wife gets your support for her getting a master’s degree by trading in some of the moral capital she earned while not belittling your gambling habit??? “Honey, you go right ahead and get that master’s. After all, dear, you did let me blow lots of our hard-earned money on fantasy football.”

  7. Wow Plan “A,” I’d be upset about your ridiculously moronic comment if I wasn’t 110% sure you’re one of my idiot friends screwing with me. Billy, I presume?

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