Not a Baby Anymore

There’s no denying it…Will is not a baby anymore.

At almost 10 months now he doesn’t even remotely resemble the little tiny bundle of joy he once was. At close to 25 lbs and more than 30 inches tall, he’s such a little boy. Yesterday we put him in his Glen “Big Baby” Davis Celtics jersey with a green striped shirt underneath with his scally cap  and oh my God…he looked like we plucked him straight off the streets of Southie. He looked cute, but he looked so old!

We’ve taught him to wave goodbye, how to motion for TOUCHDOWN and most recently how to give a High Five. He’s already taking steps unassisted and I feel his first real word coming on any day. I just can’t believe how fast it goes. MJ is bummed about him growing up so fast and I used to make fun of her because, to be honest, I think babies are boring. They don’t do much at all and they’re not interesting. I couldn’t wait for him to walk and talk and do cool stuff. But now…I guess I miss it a little. I just wasn’t prepared for how time flies.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

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14 thoughts on “Not a Baby Anymore

  1. I am always sad when my kids are growing up… of course I am HAPPY about it but there’s the bummed element. My husband feels the way that you do – the older they get the more fun they are.
    Will’s a cutie.

  2. Aww, I know! He DOES look like such a big boy – wow. He’s so much taller than my daughter at nearly a year – I think you DO have a basketball player on your hands!

    The words are so much fun… Madeline loves to say “NO” and has even started to use it in the right context. Can’t wait to see what Will comes out with!

  3. I know what you mean by fast. Rocket is only 2 months old, I can’t believe he is 2 MONTHS OLD!! Holy shit. It’s going by too quickly.

  4. Very cute… Can’t wait to Dax a Spurs jersey snd take him to his first game! HAH!

    And what is Southie?

  5. Oh sorry. Southie is South Boston. Ever seen the movie “Good Will Hunting?” Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and his buddies are the stereotypical Southie kids.

  6. Please stop putting that old man hat on the kid. He’s too cute for it!!!!!

  7. He is such a cutie! The time just flies by so fast. I am still getting used to the fact that my Alana is 2 years old and she’ll be 3 in 4 months!

    When they start walking and talking it gets fun!I really enjoy the stage right after a year old. With Alana she was learning new stuff everyday and was so sweet. She hit the terrible two’s stage early at 1.5 years old…I miss those early years sometimes.

  8. I agree with Ms. Grace. They are babies for a long time…he’s just not an infant anymore, but he’s definately a baby.

    And he’s a big boy:) This is a really fun age! Enjoy!

  9. When my first son was born I spent the first year waiting for him to walk and talk. I’ve spent every year since trying to get him to sit down and shut up.

  10. JEE –

    You made laugh so hard my secretary came in to see what I was looking at!

  11. Ohhhh a “Boston” thing… Yeah I’ve seen the movie!
    I love the hat, we have two also, so don’t take it off him! Too cute!

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