One Giant Slap

I’m too fucking upset to write a real post because I just watched my Patriots lose to the Giants…again. Even though the game was well within reach. If Brady doesn’t take a stupid safety and puts it in a more catchable place for Welker—OK, I have to stop before I hyperventilate again.

As if the game wasn’t bad enough, yesterday also marked the end of the first month of our FatSlap Weight-loss challenge. As expected, the Viking beat me. Therefore, I got slapped. On video. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom to see it.

Our stats are as follows:

Aaron’s starting weight: 281 lbs
Aaron’s current weight: 260 lbs

Alex’s starting weight: 399 lbs
Alex’s current weight: 350 lbs

Here’s the slap video. The before and current pictures are underneath. Congrats to Alex and welcome to Dave, our third man in who starts this month. Stay tuned next month for twice the slapping!

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11 thoughts on “One Giant Slap

  1. 21 lbs is respectable Aaron nice job and i have got to say watching you get slapped in the face was not as enjoyable as i thought it would be lol. Proud of my Bro. too loosing 49 freekin pounds. good luck next month because as much as i want him to get in shape i think seeing you slap him will be as enjoyable as i think it will.

  2. HA! Very nice. That’s a hell of a system you guys have going. Good luck this month! (That looked like it stung a bit, lol)

    I will say, 21 is not laughing matter though. To put it in even more perspective, pick up something around that weight and toss it (outside, of course). That really makes you think harder than walking around without it.

    Good job, man.

  3. Good luck to you!!!You did a great job..I know you can do it..Thanks for inspiring me..

  4. Hey, well done! Not on being slapped. Or, er, watching your team lose. You know what I mean.

  5. That was hilarious. I mean, I don’t like to laugh at people’s pain… well, maybe sometimes. You guys are doing awesome! I can’t wait to see the results at the end of this whole thing.

  6. Believe me, I feel your pain as a Dallas Cowboys fan. I think the Giants need to send the Cowboys a thank you letter for basically handing them a victory that started their run to the Super Bowl. I don’t hate many things, but the little Giants are one of them. Get em next year just sounds so defeated! No words, but keep your head up!!!

  7. Aaron, are you going by percentages? You do know that the heavier you are the faster you lose weight when dieting and exercizing right?

  8. Melissa: Yup, we’re going by percentages. And yes, I definitely know The Viking is going to lose weight faster at 399 lbs than I will at 281. I’m hoping he plateaus this round and I can make a contest out of it this month.
    DaddyFiles1 recently posted..One Giant SlapMy Profile

  9. 21 lbs is serious work, I am impressed. Good strategy on being tough to get these men in shape. It may be difficult but for sure they are very proud of what they have accomplished. I will stay in tune to see the progress.
    Anthony recently posted..DTS HomeMy Profile

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