One more reason to hate A-Rod

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A-Rod is a giant WUSS!
A-Rod is a giant WUSS!

For those who don’t know me outside of this blog, I should warn you that I am an absolute Boston sports maniac. And to that end, I hate the New York Yankees and especially Alex Rodriguez.

Anyone who follows baseball knows that A-Rod is the biggest prima donna on the planet, and perhaps the least clutch player of all time. I call him the “Anti-Papi” because Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has owned him ever since A-Rod donned pinstripes in 2004. Now I know what you’re thinking: “This is a parenting blog, why the hell is he talking about baseball?” Well hang in there because the two are intertwined.

Check out this story where A-Rod’s wife talks about how he fainted in the delivery room when his first child was born.

Are you kidding me? First of all, when his wife woke him up to tell him she was in labor, his first reaction is to turn white and call her mother?? Wow, what a class act. And then to faint in the delivery room while he’s in no pain and his wife is giving birth? Well…that’s just hysterical and it shows the type of person the New York Yankees are employing. No wonder the guy’s never won a championship, he literally faints when the pressure is on.

Look, I was in the delivery room just more than a month ago. Was I nervous? Absolutely. Did I show it? No way. Your only job is to be there for your wife and be strong for her. I held one of her legs and stared directly at the action while she pushed. It never made me feel queasy, uncomfortable or light-headed because it was my child being brought into this world. Was it a pretty sight? Hell no. She was squeezing something the size of a watermelon out a hole the size of a lemon. Do the math. But I stood there watching the events unfold and supporting MJ, because that’s what men do.

They do not faint and call for mommy’s help.

Can’t you just see A-Rod in the dugout with all of his teammates during a game, when all of a sudden a spider crawls across his cleat. What do you think he does? Scream in a high-pitched voice? Jump up on the dugout steps and ask Derek Jeter to kill it? I don’t think he’d be able to hit it himself, unless it was during the early innings and no one was on base. That seems to be the only time A-Rod is of any use. Frankly I’m surprised he was even there for the birth what with his well documented proclivity for cheating on his wife with manly looking strippers.

Just one more reason to hate the New York Yankees and A-Rod…

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3 thoughts on “One more reason to hate A-Rod

  1. You’re my hero.

    Having had the gross misfortune to procreate with a spankees fan, my children are constantly being torn between their parents loyalties.

  2. Ouch, that’s tough. I have good friends who are Yankees fans but I don’t think I could have married the enemy. My condolences!

  3. Let it be known that Will became a card-carrying member of Red Sox Kid Nation two days after he was born. It’s a natural step in a normal life. A-Rod has never been able to step up in the clutch, so I’m not surprised he passed out. Was his kid born during a World Series?

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