Open Bar and the “White Man Shuffle”

No offense to my beautiful baby boy, but MJ and I had a really fun time last night without him.

I have to admit, I don’t usually like dressing up. I have one suit, one dress shirt and one tie. I’m definitely more of a jeans and tee shirt type of guy. But I’ve learned that when I dress up, MJ likes how I look. And that makes her want to dress up and look nice. And last night…she looked HOT! As for me, I donned my pinstripe suit and red tie and I even got a haircut for the occasion.

The wedding was for two co-workers, Adam and Stephanie. Steph and I shared an office for over a year and she’s a sweetheart. She’s like my little sister (they’re only 24). And the wedding was great for many reasons.

First of all, the ceremony was the quickest wedding ceremony I have ever encountered. Less than 10 minutes. And because Steph is half Jewish, they did that really cool stomping on the glass thing where everyone shouts “Mozeltov!” I’ve always wanted to see that done in real life. Second, when we got to the reception we discovered, much to our delight, it was open bar. The entire night!! The plan was for me to drink to my heart’s content and MJ would drive, but that’s not quite how it worked out. She snuck quite a few dirty martinis and halfway through the night I realized she’d be too wrecked to drive home. So I stopped drinking a few hours into the ceremony and accepted my role as DD.

But I realized that if you had asked a total stranger at the wedding to pick out the two people who just recently had a kid and were blowing off steam, they’d pick us easily. We were acting like two prison inmates who’d been given a 48-hour pass from the slammer. You know how at weddings when everyone is first sitting down they play some of the more mellow music and no one really dances? Well, MJ and I wasted no time. We jumped out there on the dance floor all by ourselves because we didn’t want to waste a single minute or a solitary song.

Of course, alcohol + the sheer joy of freedom = some really bad dancing. I had the White Man’s Shuffle going full force and I was basically dry humping my wife on the dance floor because she looked so good and because I have no idea when the next time is that we’ll have a baby-free night out. And when Sir Mix a Lot’s “Baby Got Back” came on…well let’s just say I know every single word and I pretty much serenaded my wife on the dance floor, circling her like a shark while she worked her awesome ghetto booty like she was trying out for a Jay-Z video!

I might have some explaining to do when I see some of my co-workers on Monday.

And we ended the night with some delicious Chinese food after the reception ended. All in all it was a fantastic time and we needed it. It’s important to devote time to your kids, but it’s just as important to carve out some husband and wife moments too. It’s fun to dress up, get a little crazy and just enjoy each other.

We’re currently sitting at home, reading the Sunday paper in peace, watching Goonies on TBS and trying to work up the ambition to go pick Will up. And maybe eat a Sunday afternoon sandwich for lunch! 😉

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6 thoughts on “Open Bar and the “White Man Shuffle”

  1. Why are you watching Goonies? The Nascar race is on!!!! LOL!! I know, I know, I’m the only person in the North that watches that stuff!

  2. JEE, all copies have been destroyed.

    Nyla, we’re idiots and we didn’t take any pictures of ourselves all dressed up. Our friends might have some though, I’ll see if I can get my hands on them.

    CCG, no NASCAR! 50 rednecks driving in a circle is not fun.

    Badass, beer solves everything.

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