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Will sat in his high chair patiently waiting for dad to finish cutting up his dinner. As per Will’s very vocal demands, the iPod was hooked up to the stereo and blaring country music. I was singing along quietly to Zach Brown’s “Chicken Fried” and I must of inadvertently started swaying from side to side, because Will squealed with delight and threw his arms up in the air, which is his way of telling me he’s enjoying himself.

“What’s up buddy? You like this song?” I asked happily.

I was met with big smiles as Will started bouncing around in his high chair. So I put dinner aside for a minute and I stood in front of Will, getting more and more into the song and really starting to belt it out.

You know I like my chicken fried. Cold beer on a Friday night. A pair of jeans that fit just right. And the radio uuuuuuuuup…

Will started giggling, pointing and bouncing even more than ever. He was eating it up. And frankly, I was happy to have an audience. Without even thinking about it I grabbed the half eaten dog bone microphone and I started strutting all around the stage living room. At this point I started cranking the song all the way up to 11 to impress my hordes of screaming fans toddler son.

I thank God for my life. For the stars and stripes. May freedom forever fly. Let it ring. Salute the ones who died. The ones who gave their lives so they don’t have to sacrifice all the things they loooooooove.

When the final verse rolled around I was jumping up and down, sliding on my knees and prancing around the living room. I was sweating and my voice was hoarse but I didn’t care, because for about two minutes I was an in-demand, famous rock star with one adoring (and adorable) fan who clapped like crazy at the end of my set. And I realized that’s something I never would’ve done in front of anybody else except my son. Because he doesn’t make fun of anyone or judge them. You don’t have to worry about acting silly or juvenile around a kid, because that’s what they appreciate.

It remains, perhaps, the most wonderful and unexpected thing I’ve discovered since becoming a parent. So moms and dads out there, don’t be afraid to let your inner rock god out of the cage once in awhile. You’ll feel better, you’ll amuse your kid and you can work on those sweet moves.

Do, however, check to make sure one of the maintenance workers isn’t outside your window. Unlike your kid, he will think you’re a raving lunatic.

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10 thoughts on “Parental Rock Star

  1. Wait until Will is doing the singing! My son took a month to master Twinkle Twinkle and is so shy about singing it that only my husband and I have heard to whole thing. BUT, everyone’s heard him sing (at the top of his lungs, no less) “Heeeyyyy I’m a country man! Those city boys can’t do the things that I can!” Apparently we are officially southerners now?

  2. Will and I sing and dance all the time – much to your mother’s entertainment!

  3. “what song is it you want to hear?”

    “FREE BIRD!”

    btw..nice Spinal Tap reference!

  4. Hey…. I’m with BeachDog. I’d love to see the video. I really needed this smile today.

  5. I was so hoping that you were going to say as you were dancing around your wife walked in with a friend & you didn’t hear them because the music was so loud. And now the video is on YouTube. But alas…

    We have lightsaber rock bands around here, haha. And I remember the first time my son showed an interest in Legos, I was so excited because I knew it meant I could play with them again.

  6. I’ve found that it’s bathtime that uncovers my hidden Pavarotti, as I belt out all kinds of musical genres (often in odd accents) much to my daughter’s delight. Then I usually get the odd looks from the wife when I leave the bathroom…

  7. Little children are the best, most non-judgemental audience a parent can have. I’m shy, but let my inner rock goddess out now and then in front of my children. They giggled and laughed and so did I. We all had fun.
    A video of your performance would have been great to watch.

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