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Since yesterday’s weather was so beautiful (and we live in Massachusetts which means beautiful consisted of 55 degrees and sunny) we went to a local playground to put Will on the swing and let him play.

He poked around the playground and explored, went on the swing and then he and mommy tried out the slide.

And because he’s the most handsome boy in the world (not to mention the fact that he’s my son), it wasn’t long before a cute little 16-month-old named Addison caught his eye. Without even saying a word or looking in her direction, he got Addison to come right over and introduce herself. And the kicker? Just like his old man, he’s a fan of the redheads!

If you’re wondering, I’m telling him to play it cool and act like he’s not interested or impressed. It worked like a charm too because she came right over to him and just kind of stared him down while he acted like he didn’t have a care in the world. Gotta start ’em early with the education regarding the fairer sex.

And speaking of the fairer sex, I had a little moment yesterday on the playground.

There were four older kids, middle school aged, and they were just chilling out on the playground thinking they are cooler than everyone else on the planet. It was three boys and one girl. As happens at that age, the girl was taller than them and more mature. So I watched as the boys awkwardly stumbled around the playground in front of her, tearing each other down and making fun of each other to make her laugh. They’ll eventually grow up and realize this kind of cockblocking isn’t cool, but for now it’s all they know.

Then they start wrestling each other to prove their strength. Then it was a game of tag as they ran all around the playground to determine who was the quickest and most agile. And all the while, the girl just stood at the very top of the playground, kind of half-heartedly watching them try to prove their worth to her. Little do those poor bastards know it’s likely none of them stand a chance with her. They’re just puppets.

And I realized that nothing really changes. When it comes to men and women, that scenario plays itself out over and over again until you get married. Only the playground changes and becomes a bar or an office. But wherever it is, guys are forever children competing for female attention like jesters for their amusement. Ironically the only time you get what you want is when you stop trying so hard.

So suffice it to say, it was a fun and educational day at the playground. I leave you with a short video of Will in the sandbox.

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