Poop, Pampers, and Preparedness on Father’s Day


fatherxs_day_038***I was compensated for this post but, as always, all opinions are my own.

Boston Beer Works, across the street from Fenway Park, used to be one of my favorite pre- and post-game drink spots. But on June 15, 2008, that all changed.

That was a milestone date for me because it marked my first Father’s Day as a dad. Will was a mere two months old, and we went to Fenway for the very first time together. The Red Sox weren’t playing, but they opened up the field to families for a Father’s Day celebration. We were able to walk around in center field, take a little tour of the park, and breathe in some good old-fashioned nostalgia courtesy of America’s favorite pastime.

When that was done, we marched across the street to have a beer and grab some food. And that’s when it all fell apart.

You see, we had only been parents for two months. We were rookies. Novices. Amateurs. In addition to being so inexperienced, we were also struggling financially and seeking any and every corner to cut to make things more affordable. And one of those corners was diapers.

We had been using discount diapers to save a few bucks, because we figured “hey, there’s no real difference in quality, right?” Wrong. Very wrong. Disgustingly and immeasurably wrong.

While sitting down for beers and snacks, MJ began breastfeeding Will. Even though the restaurant was pretty crowded, I still remember the sound that came from that tiny 2-month-old’s body. It was a wet slapping noise accompanied by a full body twitch. Before I could say “what the heck was that,” it became all too apparent what “that” was. Because “that” was running down Will’s legs.

MJ saw the horror in my eyes, but then her own eyes went wide with fright as she felt excrement flowing down her arms. And then onto her lap. And then a little bit on the table and booth.

As newbies, we were petrified. I remember literally being frozen in place with fear because we were out in public, our baby was crapping on everything, and we didn’t know what to do. MJ took him to the bathroom to clean him up, trying to save the outfit which was comically beyond help. But (again, we were noobs) we hadn’t packed a spare onesie either, so we had to just wrap poor Will in small blankets.

We ended up leaving in humiliation before we even ate. And while that didn’t ruin my first Father’s Day, it certainly taught me an important lesson.

Going to Babies “R” Us and spending a little extra money on quality Pampers diapers became Rule #1. We’ve been using Pampers for our kids ever since, because they largely prevent blowouts like this one from happening and they work great even overnight with minimum leakage. Saving money is great, but there are some corners not worth cutting and I’m willing to shell out a little more for a quality product that prevents me from being covered in fecal matter.


And yet as disgusting as that moment was, I’m not sure there will ever be a more memorable Father’s Day. That’s why expensive gifts and lavish items are completely unnecessary and unwanted on Father’s Day. Instead of that, give me the good stuff. Give me an experience or a mini vacation with the family or a day out on the canoe fishing. I’ll take the gift of time and something the kids will remember over material goods every single day of the week.

As long as the Pampers come along for the ride.

And speaking of great products you can grab at Babies “R” Us, you can head into stores right now for these great items until June 30:


And if that doesn’t impress you, then this will.

Thanks to Babies “R” Us and Pampers, I’m doing a giveaway just for you guys. In the comments section, tell me your idea of the perfect Father’s Day. Dads, describe what you want most. Moms/spouses, describe what you think your partner’s perfect Father’s Day would look like. I’ll pick my favorite one and the winner will receive this prize pack:


  • $50 Babies “R” Us gift card
  • Pampers wipes
  • Dreft pen
  • Crayola Chalk
  • Babies “R” Us Changing Pad Station
  • Dad and Me Keepsake Coloring Book

I hope you all have a great (and mess-free) Father’s Day.

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12 thoughts on “Poop, Pampers, and Preparedness on Father’s Day

  1. I’m expecting a baby girl in September and this prize would be great! Thank you for the opportunity.

    My husband is very passionate about guitar playing. He has an office job but unwinds after work by playing guitar. I think that his perfect Father’s Day would involve a trip to the Guitar Center to buy a new guitar, followed by a big Portuguese meal with his family, and then lots of guitar playing afterwards.

  2. Father’s Day means as much to me as it does my husband. I am the luckiest wife/mother to have my husband/father to our two sons. He is such a hard worker, working all day to support our family so I can stay home with our kids. I am lucky that I get to experience all the firsts and important moments everyday. My kids love running to the door the minute daddy comes home. Even though he has worked all day and is exhausted, he scoops them up and plays with them each evening. He helps put them to bed and continues to work around our house. Every weekend is devoted to our family.

    The perfect Father’s Day for my husband would be a nice breakfast made with love from myself and sons. We would go on a family walk or bike ride, play in the backyard, have a nice cookout with extended family. What my husband wants most on father’s day is to spend out with his two sons. Thanks for the opportunity to win this pack for them.

  3. This is my husband’s first father’s day as a father as opposed to step father. I have 2 kids from another marriage. I digress.
    His family are all active or ex-military. They like all things pew-pew or that are pointy at the end. Believe it or not I think he would explode with joy if I were able to create a live-action Zombie Apocalypse for them all at his parents place —which has a lot of acreage.

    What would that look like you say? People dressed up as zombies trying to eat your brains while he (and his friends) battle through them with fake weapons and swords. Or maybe like lazer tag? I haven’t thought of all the details.
    When there is one person left standing, they are crowed victorious! At which point we all eat lots of BBQ meat and drink beer/mead/wine/what have you.

  4. My husband said to me yesterday…”I like the pampers diapers way better than the Costco ones, did you ever think you’d hear me talk about how much I like diapers??” Haha!
    His (FIRST) Father’s Day gift is a baseball which I put our son’s handprint on. I also ordered a custom beer glass with “Dad, est. 4/27/15.”We plan on staying home and hosting a cookout. He loves grilling, baseball, and he’s a homebody, so this will be the perfect first Father’s Day for him.

  5. Hi There! My husband would like to sleep in, get some Dim Sum for brunch, then maybe walk along the beach. After that, he’d probably want to watch a game with our son and kick back with his xbox. For us, the time with our little is the most important. He’s pretty awesome!

  6. We only use Pampers Swaddlers! We had a “lava” experience with Huggies and haven’t looked back! I think what my husband would appreciate most on father’s day would be food, fishing, and family. Throw in some horseshoes and he would be in heaven! Although he wants another little one, that’s not something I can give him this father’s day lol.

  7. We are Pampers loyalists, too after going through MANY brands!

    My husband lost his Dad unexpectedly the day before Father’s Day, 2012. So for Father’s Day that year we were on a plane flying cross-country to begin the process of burying and memorializing. Since then, he has always wanted to keep things VERY low-key on Father’s Day, but always be with the kids. I think his perfect day would be working in the yard, or doing a hiking trip to our local arboretum with just us, then grilling up some dinner and having a beer to toast his dad. He is always very reflective and grateful on Father’s Day… I try and give him that space while always being close.

  8. this is going to be my boyfriend’s first Father’s Day! I’m so excited for him! He gave me such a wonderful first Mother’s Day that I want the same for him.
    Our boy is 8 months and thanks to my boyfriend I’m a stay at home mom. My BF works 2 jobs so the only time he has with our lil man is Sunday and Saturday afternoon maybe.
    I think he would love just to spend the day with family and our boy, grilling good food and having fun, since he hardly gets to have a day for him.

  9. One thing my husband has learned since becoming a father to our very soon to be 2 year old boy – whom has had some health issues throughout his life, causing diapers to be damaged beyond all belief – is that we will absolutely NEVER skimp on diapers! Pampers for the win! #The StruggleIsReal

    Honestly, this will be sounding completely and total cliche, but my husbands ideal Father’s Day would be perfectly spent hanging out with our son & my pregnant self… Probably more our little guy than my crazy hormonal ass!

    He works two jobs totaling – on average – 60 plus hours a week, one full time and one part time, so that I can stay home with our son – initially, it was due to his health concerns and needs but now that we have things mostly under control with our tiny human my husband would do whatever he could to ensure I am home with our son & soon to be addition. It breaks his heart that he leaves every morning before our son wakes and is home every evening after our son goes to sleep… If we are lucky, he can spare a few minutes in between jobs when he stops home to change and grab a quick bite to eat.

    I am eternally grateful to his hard working attitude and constant drive to make sure our family is provided for… His family is his absolute number one. And, although he does have some hobbies he enjoys indulging in from time to time – and I’m sure wishes he could devote a bit more time to, his priorities have drastically changed and he wouldn’t change a thing!

  10. We’ve been struggling financially since pregnancy. Wasn’t able to do much for first father’s day, and I’m afraid even less will happen this year. My perfect fathers day for my baby daddy would be getting him that grill he keeps sacrificing when we have the money. He is the the one that loses sleep, is home during the day with her and works at night. I’d let him sleep all day, get him that grill, maybe a massage, and, well, you know…

  11. It is actually my brother I am writing for. I am the favorite Aunt.

    My brother works overnights on weekends partially so my sister-in-law can be a stay-at-home mom.

    Sunday morning, Father’s Day, he will get home around 8 am. Get the baby, feed her, play with her until about 9 when he, mommy, baby, aunt, grandma and GRANDPA will go out to brunch. Even though he will be exhausted and has to work overnight Sunday night then all day Monday spending Father’s Day will his baby and his father is still the best thing and the only thing he wants.

    This prize you are offering would be one of the best things I could give him!

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