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***QUICK NOTE: I definitely think something is up as far as a surprise birthday party for me at some point this weekend. MJ says she’s going to leave for western Mass (3 hours away) tomorrow morning, celebrate her friend’s birthday and then drive all the way back by 2 p.m. on Sunday for a baby shower?? I don’t think so. I would do that much driving, MJ wouldn’t. But I can’t figure out when it might be because I have to work on Saturday night. That leaves tonight and Sunday. I’m thinking maybe tonight. I could probably pry it out of one of my friends but that would ruin the surprise. And, if I’m reading way too much into this, then I’m just setting myself up for disappointment. But I’m pretty damn good at sniffing these things out and something definitely doesn’t smell right. I’ll keep you posted.

Now, onto present business which is answering your questions. Here are your answers in the order I received them:

From Badass: Since I know your sports affiliation, if you were not a Red Sox or Patriots fan, what would your teams be? Technically I shouldn’t answer this question. If I couldn’t root for the Sox or Pats, by sports law, I should be forced to take my own life rather than throw my allegiance behind another team. But for baseball I guess it would be the Chicago Cubs, only because I’m a glutton for punishment. For football, definitely the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo is the smallest market in the NFL yet their fans are blue collar with a high football IQ, plus the stadium is just like the old Sullivan Stadium. I really like going to Buffalo.

From Hally: 1) How do you feel about the all in one sandwhiches like Primanti Brothers? (I’m thinking you like your fries seperate, but hey…not judging) 2) Is it wrong to buy The Commish Kit for ease (some people may be drunk drafting) even though the posterboard has worked well for years? I don’t want to be a sellout. 3) Who’s your sleeper RB pick? 1) I have to admit, I’ve never heard of the sandwich. But you’re right, I would want my fries separate. 2) No, it’s OK to buy the Commish Kit. We make our own but there’s nothing wrong with opting for ease. 3) I probably shouldn’t be doing this since my draft is next week, but I have several RB sleepers: Steve Slaton, Rashard Mendenhall and Fred Taylor are decent mid-to-late round draft picks.

From Glamour Girl: did MJ talk to you instead of making you wait 2 weeks? Unfortunately no. I tried to pry it out of here a few days ago but she just got exasperated with me and told me to drop it. So I did. No use going crazy over it.

From Val: 1) what does MJ stand for (the initials, i mean : ) 2) will you post some more recent pics of will? he’s such a cutiepie! 1) MJ stands for Martha Jean. And 2) Take this morning:

From finding me: Do you think anyone or anything can breathe life back into the Detroit Lions before my lifetime ends? Well the Lions have Calvin Johnson who’s a heckuva receiver. Unfortunately, it’s either going to be a washed up Culpepper or a rookie in Stafford who’s trying to throw him the ball. But as much as the offense sucked in last year’s 0-16 season, the defense was probably worse. But they’ve shored up their secondary and Larry Foote (ex Steeler) is in the middle linebacker spot this year so it should help a little bit. But I stress, a little bit. I’d look for the Lions to go 4-12 this year.

From Erica: How about an update on the baptism debate? Any decisions made? Nope, not that I know of. A few months ago she said it would happen at the end of July, but obviously that date has come and gone. I have no idea if it’ll happen or not at this point.

From Lola: 1) Will there be a Will, II or a Willow any time soon? 2) What is your favorite band/singer? 3) What is your favorite TV show besides sports? 4) Do you think the Pats should try to sign the dog murderer as a backup QB now that he’s back on the streets? 1) I’m not sure. We’re talking about it but if we do try for another it won’t be for a little while. We have no room in our condo for another kid and we can’t rent it or sell it because we’re so upside down on the place. Basically the number of children we have depends solely on the economy and the housing market. 2) My favorite band is Great Big Sea and they are awesome! They’re a Celtic rock band out of Newfoundland, Canada and they are the best. They’re also playing at the Cape Cod Melody Tent on Wednesday but I don’t have tickets. 3) Favorite TV show? That’s a tough one. I watch so many and to pick just one is nuts. But I think I have to go with Lost. That show is like crack to me and there’s so much to figure out and pick up on. I like a show that makes me think a little. But my favorite show of all time was The Wire. Hands down the best thing on TV in decades. 4) Michael Vick has since signed with the Eagles, but no, I’m glad he didn’t sign with the Pats. I would’ve booed him every time he stepped on the field.

From Spiny Norman: True or false: The designated hitter rule is an abomination in the eyes of anyone with a true love a pure baseball? I know I’ll catch some crap for this, but I say FALSE! Look, I grew up watching the American League and I like what the DH brings to the game. It’s no fun to watch a pitcher hit every nine batters and become a guaranteed out. I know it means AL pitchers can come inside a lot easier with no fear of retribution, but the game is made better when pitchers don’t bat. I guess I have to turn in my Baseball Purist card, but so be it.

From Jules: What is your best MCLA memory, and yes I am making you pick ONE! This one is actually pretty easy, even though I have so many great memories from college. It was September 1998, the start of our sophomore year. I had gone to parties before, but I never really let loose. But then I started living with a crazy hockey player named Jason Laverty. Even though we lived together, he didn’t know my name for the first month. He just kept calling me “chief.” Well one day on my way out of the house for a 9 a.m. class, Lav stops me and tells me to skip class. When I asked him why he said “just do it” and for some reason, I listened to him. Instead of going to class we had a beer. Then we went over to the Lacrosse House and I hung out with a bunch of guys who are still my friends even today. We drank all day and around sunset, about 12 of us were out on the front porch of the Lax House. Brian Lozo had a guitar and they were singing “Share the Darkness” by the Saw Doctors. It was the first time I’d ever really listened to Irish music. And as everyone sat there on the porch, beer in hand, singing to the music, I realized in that moment I was having the quintessential college experience. It’s not often you take the time in the heat of the moment to realize you’ll remember that moment forever, but for some reason I did. It was college with beer, music, friends, singing and best of all freedom. These days with a mortgage to pay, a job to go to, a kid to take care of and a marriage to maintain, there are some days I think back on that day and pine for that feeling on the porch of the Lax House with a Keystone Light in my hand.

From theoldguy: What’s the biggest lie you ever told your parents? Probably two that are tied, and they’re not even really lies. They’re just things I got away with. 1) When you and mom were gone on a business trip grandma was staying with us. I was a senior in high school and dating Terri. Before I got home one night I dropped her off and made her run through the woods to our house so she could sneak in the basement. I went in the house, let her in through the cellar and then snuck her up to my room where she spent the night. And the second one is when I stole mom’s car in the middle of the night and drove it to Terri’s house. I put it in neutral and cruised down the driveway (we have a 200′ driveway that goes downhill at the end) but didn’t realize the brakes don’t work when the car is off. Thankfully there was no other traffic. The only problem was I didn’t plan how to get back up the driveway. In the end I just turned the lights off and parked it right under your window. Thank God you guys are heavy sleepers.

From JEE: What does bungee jumping and hookers have in common? If the rubber breaks, you’re dead!!

From Beachdog: How many games behind the Yankees will the Red Sox finish ;o) Unfortunately I don’t see the Sox winning the AL East this year, so I’m going with 4. It pains me to say it, but I think it’s true.

From Daddy Diaries: 1) Would you concede the AL East race if you could guarantee being 1 game up in the Wild Card with 6 games to play (with 3 of them being against the Yankees)? 2) And what’s the most valuable thing you would give up if it meant that Will would never be a Yankees fan? 1) Nope. I’m an all or nothing kind of guy and I always want the division. If there’s a chance to get it I want to take it, playoffs be damned. 2) Sweet Jesus, I’d give up almost anything if it meant Will wouldn’t be a Yankees fan. But the most valuable thing I’d give up is the Patriots season ticket my dad gives me every year to the games. THAT’S how much I don’t want Will to ever feel fondness for the pinstripes.

From Jenn: what is the meaning of life? 42.

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12 thoughts on “Questions Answered

  1. Great Big Sea is playing at the Rhythm and Roots Festival ( in Charlestown RI on Labor Day Weekend. Specifically they’re the closing band on Sunday, scheduled to go on at 9:15 pm. It’s a great festival at Ninigret Park in Charlestown. I can’t wait; they have a great playground that Lil Man Stan will be very excited about and we definitely need to get him to a beach while there.

  2. Not to be a nit-picking fault finder but 42 is not the meaning of life…it is the answer to the ultimate question about life, the universe and everything.

  3. “How do you feel about the all in one sandwhiches”………….

    Did any one else think that was going in another direction? lol

    and whats really good with my captcha being I’m trashy? Aren’t they usually two random unassociated words?!?!

  4. I agree that Mendenhall is a pretty good sleeper. Parker is a free agent and they have to check him out. Plus Parker has been a bit fragile the last two years. I can’t believe your other baseball team wouldn’t be the Cardinals. After all they played an integral part in breaking the curse back in 04. Plus I am not sure I can be your friend anymore after you picked the cubs. What a bunch of losers.

  5. Otter: I can’t pick the Cardinals due to the 1946 World Series and the sole black mark on Johnny Pesky’s career for holding the relay throw too long on Enos Slaughter’s mad dash to home.

  6. Great answers! So glad you didn’t want Vick. I had a major argument around the fire with two guys over that one, and I didn’t really want to have to type that much if you wanted him here.

    Hope you had a nice surprise this weekend!!!

  7. I hear ya on running out of room. We had a two bedroom apartment and had to move to a house when wife had baby number 2. I have no idea what we’re going to do now that we have a surprise baby #3. I guess I might have to give up my office…or GASP….the kids might have to give up their play room. If it was up to them, the baby would sleep with either of them. 🙂

  8. Great answers to the questions.
    We moved from a two bedroom apartment when the oldest was just going on 2. We figured it was time to buy a house. We weren’t planning on the second child yet, and wanted to be all settled in and organized. A month later the boxes weren’t all unpacked and I was pregnant. So much for planning. We’re still in that house 16 years later. There are still some unpacked boxes.

  9. I think I was there that night. Your sophmore year would have been my freshman year (weird fact: MJ was my R.A.). I hung out at the lax house a lot (how I met Tommy). I remember many nights that fall sitting on the porch singing, “Share the Darkness”. Still one of my all time favorite songs and bands.

    On another note, Ray and I want to be invited to the next party, I would have loved to go to your surprise party!

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