Quick Hits

  • The Red Sox have played the Yankees five times this season. The Red Sox are a perfect 5-0 against that suckfest freak show of a team from New York. At this point I’d like all of you to head to my new friend Jon’s blog and mock him with insulting comments while declaring Boston’s superiority!
  • There’s a disturbing new trend from Will prior to his baths. When I put him down to turn on the water for the bath…he pisses all over the place. No warning, no explanation. He sees and hears that water and he lets forth a stream of urine all over the bathroom. Awesome.
  • We’re trying to re-home Fenway but so far no one wants her. If anyone wants to adopt a cute but sometimes stubborn dalmatian who is good with kids, let me know.
  • Will is starting to identify body parts. When I ask him where his ear is, he points straight to it. Unfortunately, when I ask him where his nose is, he points to his ear again. We’re working on it.
  • Will is also starting to associate sounds with different things. Like when I ask him what sound a monkey makes, he says “Oooo Oooo!” And he does a kitty cat noise too but…well, it sounds nothing like a cat. Again, working on it.
  • The little bastard already figured out how to open the gate that separates the kitchen from the pantry. As a result, I found him standing happily in the middle of the kitty litter. Yummy.
  • I think Will is getting to that stage where he wants to hand me everything. But then he wants it right back again. On Monday he wouldn’t take a sip of his milk unless I put it up to my lips and pretended to drink after every sip. Let’s hope this phase flies by quickly.

And finally, I realized that I haven’t given out blog love in a while. And since I don’t have the basic knowledge required to design one of those cool little awards don’t care about giving out those little awards, I’ll just link to some of the blogs with some cool content that I”m into right now.

Otter over at Life of a New Dad is consistently a great read. Even if he is a metrosexual.

Big Papa at Fatherhood: The Final Frontier cracks me up and be sure to read his idea about merging baby showers with the NFL Draft. Pure brilliance.

And of course, most of us know that Cape Cod Gal is our resident nympho/sex toy reviewer. The girl owns a Sybian. Enough said.

And finally, Charlie on the PA Turnpike frustrates me, irritates me and gets my blood pumping whenever he posts. But even though we agree on nothing, he always makes me think and his arguments are well thought out and articulated. Even if he is wrong!

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7 thoughts on “Quick Hits

  1. Well, you asked for help with Fenway so I am trying. I sent a link to the blog to my friend, Amy, who may be able to help. I hope it works out soon!!

    BTW- about the handing you things….don’t count on it going away TOO soon, Matt is almost 2 and he does it ALL THE TIME. If I had a dime for every time he said, “Here go Mommy! Here go!” I’d be writing this from a beach somewhere…..

  2. I recommend getting the tub all filled and ready for him before undressing Will, just my two cents there.

    Best of luck rehoming Fenway; she looks like a nice dog. I have a couple friends towards you that I’ll send a link to.

  3. Thanks for the traffic driver…I think. Not sure how the Yankees became a freak show though. A-Rod’s not even in town yet. I’m going to go buy his book while I wait for him to come back. I do love media spin! 🙂

  4. I cannot believe you just outted me!!! I swear, a gal falls in love with a piece of battery operated machinery and suddenly she’s a nympho.

    Oh, who am I kidding. My name is Cape Cod Gal and I am a nympho. And soon to be world famous sex toy reviewer!! I gots me some big news coming up soon!!!! Obviously, regarding sex toys. Duh!

  5. Thanks for the blog love even if you keep insisting that I am a metrosexual. I didn’t have up a good post for any of your readers because I was on a short business trip. I will try harder next time.

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