Ramming Home Fatherhood

I know this is a bit narcissistic (as opposed to all my other posts, right??) but you’ve gotta check out my story in today’s paper by clicking here. It’s about newborn lambs, an abusive father and the heroes who saved a life.

Basically, a lamb was born on Saturday morning at the Taylor Bray Farm in Yarmouthport. The mom abandoned the lamb shortly after birthing it in the middle of a field. Here’s the lamb:

Cute right? Well, apparently not everyone thought so. Because no sooner was this little cute lamb born, than a ram named Pat — who happens to be the lamb’s father — decided he wasn’t quite ready for fatherhood. So he tried to butt and stomp the lamb to death. See Pat below:

Thankfully an alert motorist saw what was happening, stopped her car and yelled for two nearby roofers to help. They jumped a few fences, scooped up the lamb and chased off mean daddy.

Ewe know, I just think it’s important to shear off a few facts here and really ram home how important fatherhood is. I’m not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, but infanticide is a really baaa-aaad thing to engage in. And just because one member of the herd engages in it doesn’t mean it’s OK to follow suit. Don’t be a sheep.

Can you tell I worked all weekend and I have to work again late tonight? Someone help me…

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9 thoughts on “Ramming Home Fatherhood

  1. After spending all winter cooped up with three high energy boys, can’t say as I blame him.

  2. It would have been like a lamb to the slaughter if not for the drive by do gooders. I am sorry. That is the best I can do.

  3. New reader. Enjoying your blog. Nice to see “dad’s” point of view on things. My husband and I are about you & your wife’s age (unless your wife isn’t close to your age which I am just assuming she is), and have 3 under 3. So, even though we have 3 kids we are still new to parenting… fun. Anyway, just saying hi.

    P.S. I stumbled upon your blog off another daddy blog (which one of my blog-friend twittered about) in which you made a comment about Family Guy and how much it’s still funny. My husband and I are still fans even at almost 30, sometimes the jokes get old, but overall it makes us LOL.

  4. oldguy: awful. Just awful.

    JEE: I have to visit your house at some point. I think I’d have blog material for months!

    Otter: Dammit! I should’ve thought of that one.

    Nikki: Thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait to check out your site too. Always nice to meet another Family Guy fan (even if the show has slipped in recent years).

  5. Ok, so my comment wasn’t that good…I’m a bit sheepish about the whole thing.

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