Reason #167 To Lose Weight

If you don’t know this already, New England Cable News (NECN) has an arrangement with the Cape Cod Times. Twice a week they pick a story they want to showcase and whoever the reporter is for that story has to go in front of the camera and talk about it on the air. It is good for the paper, but bad for me. There’s a reason I became a print journalist, and that reason is because I have a face for radio.

So to motivate me even further to lose weight, here’s today’s video of me on the air today. And please notice that they asked me a question about a picture that I couldn’t see because I had the TV off. Talk about scrambling…

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16 thoughts on “Reason #167 To Lose Weight

  1. Aaron Dearest, we can only see you from the chest up. You look fine. I think you did an excellent job. I would have been giggling and laughing from nervousness.

    BTW – I see that you haven’t accepted my challenge yet…..afraid much?

  2. Wow, you’re famous and stuff! Congrats on the TV gig, you looked great. I would have been a bumbling idiot. The story was pretty cool too, who just gives away their kidney like that? You looking great on TV does not exclude you from your challenge though so get off your keister and hit the trails. Bring the jogging stroller, that’s what I did this morning. Woo hoo, I actually exercised after saying I would.

  3. A long time to language??? A long time to language? God you’re an idiot. A fat, uncomfortable idiot.

  4. It was languish, your fat ears just heard “language.” Because you’re fat. Fatty.

  5. Holy moly, folks are just givin’ away organs up there. What a touching story though. And you look fine, just thinking about being on camera would’ve been enough to make me lose my cookies. But you handled it well. You’re right, it is excellent motivation though. 😉

  6. We know you were shooting for languish. But you definitely came out with language. Maybe it was the fleshy deposits near your vocal cords that caused you to misspeak. You heard me. You have fat vocal cords. Fatso.

  7. Ooooh, what’s this now? We have TheBear and now we have MrsBear?? MrsBear, I hope you’re not thinking of doing any hibernating with TheBear because even though we all know he’s really fat, we also know where he ISN’T fat. And in case you’re bad with innuendo, I’m talking about his genitals! Hung like a frightened chipmunk in the dark.

    So to recap, TheBear is fat everywhere except where it counts.

    And he’s going to lose a road race miserably on Sunday to my fat ass.

  8. Okay, that’s an interesting exchange. For the record, there’s no relation…also in Florida we tend not to hibernate, with chunky bears or otherwise.

  9. What an amazing story. A good friend of mine’s mother needs a kidney. She is on full dialysis. I wish the same story could happen to her.

    Good luck on the weight loss!

  10. I can’t write what I was going to write, I am too busy laughing hysterically over the frightened chipmunk in the dark comment……. :o)

  11. Pretty smooth … now I will have to listen for you on the morning C&I NPR station when the interview a CC Times reporter on the headline stories.

  12. And therein lies the difference between East Coast and West Coast. People out here in CA would have turned that story into a reality tv drama about picking the ‘right one’. 🙂 You did fine. I wouldn’t worry at all. And just think about all the footage of you Will can see when he grows up!

  13. Wow, this name calling is scaring me! Way to ridicule, guys… this is exactly the mean spirited competition I was looking for! 😉

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