Remember the Things You Love

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Will has been extraordinarily fussy lately.

I was home with him all day yesterday because I didn’t have to work, and it seems like he’s constantly uncomfortable and whiny. Normally he’s been all smiles all the time, so I’ve become really, REALLY spoiled. Sure he’s had crying fits and nights he didn’t want to sleep, but most of those were in the weeks after he was born and even they weren’t all that bad. I’m accustomed to the smily, happy, cooing Will and now there’s this 4-month-old angst going on.

And I especially hate it when he has a case of the “Arggghhhs!” For those not in the know, the “Arggghhhs” consist of a series of pissed off baby grunts that come in 30 minute intervals. I’m not kidding, he’ll grunt and whine repeatedly for up to a half hour stretch. I think I’d actually prefer the maniacal screaming fits to the “Arggghhhs” because at least he’ll wear himself out after all the yelling. It’s like when it’s drizzling rain, I hate that. I’d rather see the deluge come so it can be done and over with.

Yesterday he had an especially bad case of the grunts and I was more annoyed than usual. Actually that’s putting it lightly. I was pissed off and irritated! I mean here I am, a concerned father with the day off trying to play Tiger Woods golf on the Wii spend quality time with my son, and he is in a state of non-stop irritation. But just when I hit my breaking point and felt like screaming at him, the little bastard smiled at me. And that’s when I realized you have to remember the things you love about your kid and your life, or risk being enveloped by all the negativity and troubles in your life.

So, without further ado, here are the little things I love about my son:

— He wakes up every morning smiling and happy to see me
— When I get home from work he recognizes my face and gets ridiculously happy
— He makes us and everyone he comes in contact with deliriously happy
— After he sneezes, he laughs hysterically in a high pitched voice
— Sometimes he still scares himself when he farts, just like the dogs
— He grabs my face when he’s in a good mood
— He looks very cute when his face is covered with peas
— When he smiles really big his nose crinkles and he resembles my father
— He is still sleeping at least 8 hours a night, sometimes more
— Yesterday he managed to extricate himself from his bouncy chair (no falling or injuries)
— His sheer delight when he bangs as hard as he can on the computer keyboard
— He now recognizes the bottle and when he sees it he’s as excited as I am for sandwiches
— The contented “ahhhs” and “gooos” sounds he makes when he’s perfectly at peace

The list could go on and on, and I try to remember each and every one of them when I lose my patience. The best part is that as he gets older, the list will only get longer!

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