Roll Over

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Normally, in my line of work, when someone says “rollover” they’re talking about a car accident I have to go and cover.

But last week, they were saying it because my awesome son rolled over completely. And of course, neither MJ nor I was there to see it. He did it while my in-laws were watching him, rolling from his stomach onto his back.┬áI guess I should be happy, especially because he did it in front of his Uncle Tommy and Aunt Michelle, who were seeing him for the first time. But instead I’m petty, and I’m pissed that I missed a milestone. So naturally I’m acting like a mature adult and pretending it didn’t happen and waiting to view this phenomenon myself.

He’s coming up on 14 weeks of age and he’s getting to be so much fun. First of all, he’s been sleeping through the night, sometimes without even waking up at all. That in and of itself makes things so much easier. But in addition to that, he’s just very cool now. He smiles all the time and he really recognizes voices. In fact, when I was on TV yesterday my wife sat him in front of the TV to watch and she said he was confused because he could hear my voice but he couldn’t find me. I think that’s frickin adorable. And he’s really learning how to use his hands to grab things, not to mention when you put him on the ground he totally amuses himself. He can’t quite get the necessary traction yet, but you can just tell crawling is on the horizon and will be here before we know it.

He’s gone from this needy infant who just ate and crapped all the time, to a very cool little man. I didn’t think he could get any more handsome but he has, and people stop us every time we go out just to tell us how gorgeous he is.

My favorite part of each and every day now is between 5:30 and 7:30 a.m. Will gets up around 5:30 and I bring him to bed so MJ can nurse him. Then he falls back asleep and he lays between me and MJ. Often times I don’t even go back to sleep because I’m just watching him in awe. His little chest rising and falling, listening to him make his cute sighing noises while he slumbers. I always go to work in a good mood now, all because of Will.

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