I’m blatantly ripping of BadAss Geek and many others, but now that I am getting slightly noticed in the grand ole blogosphere out there, I’m able to track how people stumble upon my site. So without further delay, here are some of the funnier/stranger searches that have brought people to my site:

Shriveled testicles: Kind of makes you wonder who was scouring the Internet for information on shriveled cajones and why.

How to call DSS: Great. I operate a parenting Web site and one of the best ways to find me on the Web is to do a search for calling DSS. Somehow I don’t think that’s the best sign.

Obscure roads: It looks someone looking for a shortcut found my crazy adventure through the backroads of Vermont. And speaking of Vermont…

Hillybilly in an outhouse: Wonderful. Notice how none of these searches include the words “new dad,” or “the perfect father,” or even “how to be a good parent.” Nope, not this here site. Apparently to find me you have to type in something about hillbillies, DSS or faulty testicles.

Dad stuck a thermometer in her ass: Yikes. Considering I don’t have a girl and I refuse to use rectal thermometer, I’m not really sure where this one fits in. But at least it’s not…

My wife picture while she was asleep: Ummmm…wow. If DSS hasn’t already been notified I think I should be expecting a call any day now.

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6 thoughts on “Searching

  1. If you thing your searches are strange, you should see mine. I’ll post them someday. They’re VERY strange

  2. I meant to say “think” not “thing”. I’ve had waaaaayyy to much coffee today.

  3. Oh, lord, I can’t even put my best ones in your comments. I’ve posted about them a few times, but I’ve got a whole new set of crazies that find me each week. I’d say I’m due for another sicko search post.

    Did your testicles really shrivel up?

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