Should Parent Bloggers Swear?

The question posed by popular mom blogger Holly Pavlika on her website MOMentumnation a few weeks ago was “Is it OK for mom and dad bloggers to swear on their websites?”

If you’ve ever been here before I think you know what my answer was. Needless to say, Holly disagreed. What followed was a spirited (but curse-free) Twitter exchange which led to Holly and I collaborating for a “He Said/She Said” back and forth regarding parental cursing in the blogosphere. And while I still think swearing — when done correctly — can genuinely add some flavor to anyone’s writing, I can also see where Holly is coming from.

Here’s just one snippet of my response:

“I understand I’m a role model for my son. It’s something I take seriously and a responsibility I’d never shirk. But the idea that parent bloggers who drop an occasional F-bomb on their websites are in any way irresponsible is one I just can’t get behind.”

Click here to read the entire exchange over at Holly’s site, and add your two cents. Assholes.

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5 thoughts on “Should Parent Bloggers Swear?

  1. I swear – on my blog and in front of my kids, on occasion. (Yes, I get SHIT about it. But sometimes the situation calls for a nice expletive, and I never swear AT my kids.) They know – just as I knew, when I was a kid – that there are appropriate and inappropriate times to use curse words. It’s all just WORDS, to me. Dammit is no different than darn it, and freaking is no different than fucking (except, you know, when it is), so you might as well say what you mean.

    I don’t pepper my speech with it regularly, but if I stub my toe, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll be hearing something ‘unsavory’ come out of my mouth.

  2. I don’t curse on my blog, but then again I’m a bit of a freak in that I don’t curse ever. Stub my toe? No cursing. Really angry at someone? I keep it clean. Cut off by a reckless driver? Not a single f-bomb dropped.

    I honestly don’t know why I don’t curse. I think I’ve just been not doing it for so long (as in since I was a kid) that it’s become a “thing” I do. My wife, meanwhile, grew up around hockey players who know quite a few colorful phrases so she’ll just let the curse words fly.
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  3. Jenn: Exactly. That’s my attitude to a T.

    TD: And that’s cool. It’s not like parents who NEVER curse are abnormal or bad in some way. No judging. I co-authored this piece because the parents who do occasionally curse are often maligned, and I think that’s unnecessary. By the way, that’s really funny about your wife. Hockey players are the nicest people with the filthiest mouths I’ve ever met.
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  4. I don’t swear on my blog because my audience is parents AND their kids.

    We were in traffic on the way home from daycare once, about halfway home. I realized I’d forgotten something at the office and would have to turn around and go back. This kind of thing happens to me all the time, and I find it endlessly frustrating. Of course my first instinct was to yell FUCK!

    Dead silence from the back seat as I waited for the moment to pass. Traffic started to move, and in the most cheerful voice from the back seat, as if he had just discovered a dinosaur bone in the sandbox, my son exclaimed, “FUCK!”

    I’m trying to be better about that.

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