Snow. And Lots of It.

I’m too tired to write anything coherent, so I’ll take you through a pictorial day in the life of a snowed in Massachusetts resident.

When I woke up, this is what I saw when I attempted to go outside:

After spending 5 minutes shoving on the door and making an opening wide enough to squeeze my fat ass out the door, I spent the next hour shoveling because my condo association takes so damn long to get things done:

Here’s the view off our back deck:

When the shoveling was done, it was time to play. And right now I’d like to take time to thank our godsend Kimberly who just this week found us a hand me down LL Bean snowsuit that fits Will perfectly. See?

What can I say? When you live in the northeast you have to teach them shoveling skills early. But it wasn’t all work, we did have some fun. Here’s my throne fit for a king:

Not to mention Haley the Dumbest Golden Retriever in the World was quite happy with the white stuff. Even if it was over her head:

And how about one more unbelievably cute picture of Cape Cod’s next greatest show snoveler?

Before I leave you with an annoying video of me bragging about my shoveling job and pointing out high snow drifts, I just want to say that I LOVE SNOW! It is one of my favorite things and one of the big reasons I could never live anywhere else but here. Big snowstorms are just great. I wish it was Snowman Snow but alas, it’s the fluffy powder. Oh well. Still very fun.

Happy shoveling and enjoy a white Christmas!

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5 thoughts on “Snow. And Lots of It.

  1. If you’re still feeling frisky, I have a 10 ft snow drift on my back porch that needs shoveling so the dog can do it’s business in the back yard. I’m tried of having him poop in the driveway.

  2. We never get snow down here in Arkansas. I love snow. Every year I hope to get snowed in. Nine out of every ten years I am disappointed. Nice Christmas story reference in the video.

  3. Good. Train him early. When he’s old enough, you can send him out to shovel the walk like my dad did to me. And watch his progress from the inside of the house.

  4. Yep, start ’em young if you live around here. Our son, who just turned nine, loves to shovel! He’ll be out there all day if you let him. Teach him how to drive in it, and he’ll be set for life.

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