Star Power

I know everyone thinks their kid is the most handsome/wonderful/amazing child on the planet. I know this. And yet I’m telling you, Will is a friggin superstar.

Simply put, the kid commands a room.

First of all, the #1 comment we hear from people immediately after they meet Will is concerning his hair. Apparently there’s a shortage of towheaded babies out there, because when people see him they say “Oh my gosh look how blonde he is. I haven’t seen a blonde baby like that in years!” And as soon as Will realizes they’re looking at him and talking about him, that’s when he turns on the charm.

First he starts off with some eye contact and a little wave. Then, once he has them on the hook, he finishes them off with a little chirp and that toothy smile where he scrunches his eyes and balls up his fists. And if it’s a cute girl, he might blow them a kiss or do the “touchdown” signal, at which point I have to beat them away with a stick to stop them from taking my son home with them.

This happened today while we were shopping in the Carter’s outlet near our house. Now keep in mind, the employees there see nothing but a steady stream of kids every single day. And yesterday was no different. Babies of all ages, strollers everywhere. And yet when Will walked in, all eyes were on him. Within 5 minutes he had both of the sales girls out from behind the register playing with him. After they rang us up and played with Will for a few more minutes, one of the girls took me aside and said “He is seriously the cutest little kid I’ve ever seen. He’s just adorable. I can’t believe it.”

I smiled and thanked her for the kind words. I swear Will winked at her and he may have slipped her his number. And I know this sounds conceited, but it’s far from the first time some stranger at some random place has said this to me. He’s so outgoing, friendly and he’s a complete exhibitionist. MJ gets a little embarrassed about it sometimes because she’s a private person who just wants to blend in and not stand out in a crowd.

But that’s just not in the cards. I truly believe Will has something special. A presence. I know it’s crazy to think a 13-month-old has the ability to read people and react accordingly, but I swear Will does it on a consistent basis. And he just has this ability to make people so happy. Not just family and friends, but complete strangers as well. They end up THANKING US simply for letting them hold Will or play with him for a few minutes. And Will? He eats it up. He loves the spotlight.

He’s a little too much like his old man. Except better looking.

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7 thoughts on “Star Power

  1. You were the same exact way! People couldn’t help but stop and grab those cute cheeks, and you couldn’t help but smile and show off. Each of you are just like your father!

  2. Both my kiddos get that same reaction because they are “toe-heads”. Platinum blonde was one, and very light strawberry is the other.

    It is cute how they recognize that they have power over strangers. And then as they get older they take it to whole new levels! LOL…Will’s a smart kids to soak it up now. My son really works at it now that he is four. He knows how to show the ladies how she can be a good big brother to the cute baby. He will coo and “oooh” at Danielle and make her do funny things because they know her cuteness is over powering his at this age.

    Soak it up WIll! Soak it up!

    He is quite the cutey! My sister played that video at work of Will laughing and falling over and she had the whole office going. She said now when she has a bad day she plays “That baby that’s laughing so hard…” when she’s stressed out. She is expecting her first and cant wait until that’s her baby rolling over in laughter! lol

  3. Don’t you wish you could bottle that charisma up and sell it? You’d be an instant millionare!!

  4. Maybe you have an Indigo child, lol. My kids were like that with people. Just wait until they get older. When you try to discipline them in public people will look at you like you’re scum. Apparently only ugly kids should be disciplined. Also, prepare for people randomly gifting your child with things. It’s disconcerting.

  5. The only problem with a cute charismatic kid is everyone always wants to hold him. I am not crazy about people trying to snatch Braden out of my arms all the time but it happens every day. Maybe I won’t be the best person to teach him how to share.

  6. I get it. I am putty in that kids hands. Make sure you keep him away from me when he’s in his teens. All he has to do it bat his eyes at me and I’ll be buying him beer and skin mags. I won’t be able to say no.

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