Stuck Like Glue, Smell Like Piss

Will’s favorite new song is Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland.

Granted it’s a catchy tune. It’s one of those songs that gets in your head and nests there. Buries itself in the confines of your grey matter and has you singing and humming it to yourself 5,000 times a day. And that number increases exponentially if you have a toddler who is compelled to listen to it over and over and over again.

I love turning on the music and dancing with Will. There’s something so liberating about watching a little kid cut loose without an ounce of shame or timidity. And when he does it, I follow suit. Enjoy the video, paying special attention to the end where he gets tangled up in the curtains.

But the cuteness-packed video only tells half the story.

After my cell phone camera stopped rolling we continued to dance. And dance hard. I picked him up and put him on my shoulders. I held his hand and swung him around the room. We chased each other and ran like crazy people. We giggled and cavorted and laughed hysterically.

Until I slipped and fell.

It was when I stepped on the tile by the front door. And my foot slipped. Because I stepped in something. Something wet. Then I fell down. And what I landed in was also wet. And smelly.

I think you all know where this is going…

Will is mostly potty-trained. He’ll pee in the toilet approximately 93% of the time. The remaining 7% takes place when he has to poop. No matter what we do he will not stop crapping in his underwear. And when he goes #2, he also lets #1 leak out. Such was the case before our little dance party, only I didn’t realize his fire house had inadvertently poked out the side of his underwear and let loose a stream of piss that I failed to notice.

But I noticed it plenty while I was sitting in it.

Oh well, the dancing was worth it. Plus it’s all fun and games until someone falls in a puddle of their kid’s urine. Right?

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11 thoughts on “Stuck Like Glue, Smell Like Piss

  1. You get no sympathy from me. I sit in my kids piss with alarming regularity. I’ve been informed that it is the price I’m paying for buying a toilet seat that does not stay up on its own. Boys are gross.

  2. Love the dancing. He is a wild man. That song sticks in my head maybe worse than anything I have ever heard. Now when I hear it I will think of Will running into the chairs and getting tangled in the curtains.

  3. Sounds like college. Dancing uninhibited all night without a care in the world and falling in a puddle of urine at the end. Who would’ve thought….

  4. That’s definately comparable to the time my unpotty trained infant was happilly rolling around in circles on the floor after his bath. While he was cooing and giggling to himself in all his (what I thought was clean) glory, I looked over to see him nibbling on what appeared to be a know, the little chocolate malt balls.

    It was NOT a whopper.

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