Stupid Bets

I love gambling. And all my friends know I’m a sucker for a good bet. When someone challenges me to a bet, no matter how silly the terms, I can’t refuse. But what’s worse, sometimes I’m too overconfident and I make up the bets myself.

Such was the case two weeks ago when the Patriots took on the Baltimore Ravens. A good friend and fellow daddy blogger, Joeprah, is a huge Ravens fan and I won a bet with him earlier in the  year when the Pats beat the Ravens. So of course we had to do something again.

This time, I thought it would be funny if the loser (and I was sure that was going to be Joeprah) had to make up a cheer praising the other team. And, as is now customary, we end it with 10 on camera push-ups.

Well, the Ravens killed the Patriots. Slaughtered them actually. And that left me looking down the wrong end of a bad bet.

So without further ado, I give you the video for which you will all be making fun of me for the rest of my life. But at least Will is cute and saves it. Enjoy my misery.

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9 thoughts on “Stupid Bets

  1. daughter just sat here in my lap and repeatedly said “uh-oh.. uh-oh” throughout that entire video…

    and your son is toooo cute!! what a little ball of energy.

  2. you will definitely have this played for everyone at the most inopertune times.. i will see to it.. it is now digitally saved…Vic

  3. Surprisingly you don’t have an annoying New England accent. Cute video and kid.

    Now repeat after me…


  4. Melissa, he may root for the Jets against Manning, but he’s not saying that. Not even on a bet. I have it on good authority that getting Aaron to say this is the only only way to truely defeat him.

  5. I find a loving banter in this blog from now on when sports are involved. I SO hate Boston teams. Really the Jets thing was a joke. Not much of a football fan. It’s a NY and Boston thing. I think its hilarious. BUT…

    The Yankees will always always always be the greatest, the most dignified and most AWESOME team ever.

    And Daddy? I am older than you by 11 years. So dont sass me~

  6. You are certainly a man of great integrity for following through on your bet with such vigor. Will cracks me up.

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