Such a Good Baby!

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Fireworks? A loud party? Being passed around from person to person? No problem!

Will is the best baby!! I know it may seem I’m complaining about the few times he does cry a lot, but overall he is fantastic. Except for his cranky period everyday, he hardly ever cries. He’s always smiling, he’s sleeping through the night without waking up and he’s healthy as can be. It wasn’t until I talked to a few other parents and heard some real horror stories that I realized just how lucky we are that he’s so good.

On Friday we went to a BBQ at a friend’s house and then to another party at night. He was terrific. We could watch the Osterville fireworks from the deck we were on and Will slept through the entire thing. I couldn’t believe it. The pops and bangs were so loud and everyone was ooohing and ahhhing, but he never woke up and just slept peacefully through it. I think this is where having two dogs and living in a loud household comes in handy. All these parents who keep the house in complete silence usually end up in trouble because then the baby isn’t used to noise. But Will actually does better when he’s in an environment with lots of background noise. It’s great.

And I have to admit, I was in the mood to party on Friday night. We were with friends and I hadn’t let loose in awhile. But just as I decided to have a few drinks and play some games, I saw MJ sitting with Will and felt guilty. Why shouldn’t she have the opportunity to have some fun too? So I told her I’d take Will and she could go blow it up. And she did. All my other friends seemed to be having a good time and they got a little tipsy, so I designated myself as the sober one for the night. I won’t lie, it stung a little and I’m definitely luke warm about being the only sober one at a party, but I’m glad they all got to live up and I had no problem taking care of my son and then driving home.

My only complaint is that I did get one person questioning the wisdom of taking a 3-month-old to a party with drunk people and lots of noise. As if he’s going to melt at a party?!?! I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be one of these overprotective parents who shelters kids from everything. And besides, I think it’s imperative for husbands and wives to go out together and have fun. Too often it’s one goes out while the other stays home taking care of the baby, which can cause some resentment. So instead, why not bring the whole family out? As long as at least one person remains responsible and takes care of the baby, there’s no harm. So he’s around people drinking beer. Big deal! These uptight people need to relax.

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One thought on “Such a Good Baby!

  1. Most infants will sleep through loud noises because it’s the only way for them to cope with it. The can shut off their systems by sleeping. I see it a lot with loud parties especially. It’s just too stimulating.

    And yes, you should enjoy it now, as he gets older, it’s not about not sheltering him, it’ll be about his bed time and his routine, if you screw that up, god forbid, you’ll never sleep nor will MJ.

    Don’t listen to the person’s comments on it being wise to bring a newborn to a party…do they have kids? If they do, do they have people to look after him/her.
    can they afford to hire a sitter…these people don’t think about these things.
    I commend you guys for letting it all out, and for you to let MJ to do the same…we were just too tired to do that. Now it’s just a matter of getting a sitter.

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