Surprise Visit

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MJ and Will dropped into my office and surprised me with lunch today.

I really, really miss him while I’m at work. I know that sounds mushy but it’s true. At first I kind of liked escaping to work because…well, he was a crying, pooping, screaming infant. But now he’s so much fun. He smiles all the time, he’s grasping things with his huge hands and he’s trying to roll over and sit up. Also I can really start to see that he’s recognizing faces and sounds now, which is beyond cool.

I loved the 25 minutes we were able to spend together but when he left it just made me miss him more. Staring at his fat little face and those saucer-like blue/green eyes, combined with his mother’s HUGE hands and his father’s stubby, short little legs. The little fat rolls are disappearing but he still looks like the Michelin Man. And when he flashes that wide, toothless grin and sticks his tongue out I never want to let him go.

I find myself watching the clock a lot more now, which is something I never really did at this job before. But you’d want to get home as soon as possible too if you had something that cute waiting for you!

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One thought on “Surprise Visit

  1. My husband called home today and David was jumping up and down yelling “I wanna talk to Daddy! I wanna talk to Daddy!”

    He took the phone from me and said in a sweet endearing tone…”Hi, Daddyyyy…” and proceeded to smile and tell him about our day so far.

    When that happens and I get the phone back, I can hear Bobby smiling from ear to hear.

    It gets better and better and better…and it never gets old.

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