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Is Lying a Part of Parenting?

I lie to my kids.

I don’t say that to brag nor do I shy away from it. In fact, I wrote an entire post about the lies I tell my kids that went viral last year. After seven years and two kids, it’s just a fact of life. I’m honest with my kids to a large extent, but sometimes it just makes more sense (and is far easier) to tell a little white lie.

“Can I watch Caillou again?”
No, it’s not on TV right now (boy does it suck when they learn to read the channel guide).

“Is the Polar Express real and can I really ride it to see Santa?”
It’s real but you can’t ride it because you already believe.

“Are you and mommy wrestling?”
Yes. We’re wrestling. And ONLY wrestling. Now go downstairs and watch Caillou while waiting for the Polar Express.

I know there are some parents who claim they NEVER lie to their kids and are honest about everything. Good luck with that. I don’t advocate a strict diet of lies for anyone, but sometimes family members tell some little white lies and fibs that are necessary to get through the day and make life a little easier.

The trick is knowing the difference between an appropriate bending of the truth and huge lies that can tear people apart and cause years of hard feelings and destruction.


That’s what happened to the Rayburn family in the masterful Netflix original drama, “Bloodline.”

Set in the aesthetically stunning Florida Keys, the Rayburns are a prominent local family who own a bed and breakfast in paradise. But as the four Rayburn children gather at home for a family reunion, Danny Rayburn, the black sheep, threatens to expose all deep, dark secrets festering just underneath the surface of the beauty of South Florida. Soon the lies are unraveling just as quickly as the family is being torn apart.

If you like rich characters and a slow-burning drama that peels back the onion in tantalizing fashion, you’re going to tear through the first season of Bloodline in a heartbeat.


If you’re looking for some new kids’ programming on Netflix, try these:

MayNetflixBox1. Richie Rich, season 2 (5/22)
2. Littlest Pet Shop, season 3
3. All  Hail King Julien


I was compensated by Netflix for writing this post. Although I did not receive monetary compensation, I received free Netflix for a year and an iPad Mini. However, as always, my opinions are 100% my own. Check out Netflix on Facebook.

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19 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

fingerscrossedI’m a good parent. And I lie to my kids.

The lying isn’t what makes me a good parent, but it doesn’t automatically mean I’m a bad one either. Because you lie to your kids too. I know you do. And if you say you don’t, you’re a dirty goddamned liar.

We lie to our children for a multitude of reasons. Because we want to protect them. Because we don’t always know the right answer. And yes, because sometimes we’re lazy.

There’s a difference between lying to kids specifically to hurt them, and little white lies. The latter is the result of taking care of tiny humans who inevitably drive you to your breaking point and threaten to send you careening over the edge.

So with that mind, here are 19 common lies parents tell their kids.


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