The Best Laid Plans

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Bless MJ’s heart, she had a great Father’s Day planned out in her head.

She told me she was going to start off by letting me sleep in and taking care of Will, then she was going to fix me breakfast in bed. Then we’d get up and head to Boston to take a tour of Fenway Park, which is sacred ground for someone like me. After that we’d catch lunch in the city, go for a walk downtown and eventually drive back to meet my parents for a nice Father’s Day dinner. The day would be capped off by the three of us watching the Celtics-Lakers game and savoring Will’s first Boston championship moment. It sounded like the perfect day…

But the law we tend to live by in the Gouveia household belongs to Murphy…

Instead of MJ waking up with the baby, I took the early shift on Sunday morning. MJ slept in. Which means she didn’t cook me breakfast. But that was OK, I’d just have a bowl of cereal. Except MJ said she was going to go out and buy milk, but she forgot. So I had to skip breakfast. No big deal, because we were about to go to Fenway Park for the first time with Will. Some people go to church to have a religious and spiritual awakening, but I go to America’s Most Beloved Ballpark. But the start of the day was dampened…literally. It was raining cats and dogs. And as we drove up Route 3 there was heavy traffic the whole way. And let me just say that I HATE traffic. It puts me in the worst mood imaginable. So I was already pretty irritated by the time we got into Boston, but then things blew up big time. You see, we like to park in Brookline Village because it’s free and you just take the green line for two stops into Fenway. But when I tried to get to Brookline Village, we were hindered by police detours. There was apparently some kind of gay pride parade going on and all the roads were closed. I tried three other ways to get there and hit police detours each and every time. MJ suggested paying to park at Fenway but I’m a miser and refused to shell out money to park near the ballpark. So instead we spent an hour getting frustrated and annoyed beyond belief.

Finally we parked and took the T into Fenway, only to find out the rain had closed off most of the park. Instead of letting everyone walk around the field, we were let into one teeny, tiny section in centerfield. No Green Monster, no dugout, no Pesky’s Pole. We did get to roam the bleachers and I let Will hover above The Red Seat where Ted Williams hit the longest homer in Fenway history. Note, Will didn’t sit IN the seat because that is hallowed territory and Teddy Ballgame must be respected, therefore no one should sit in that seat. Ever. It was very cool to be at Fenway with Will and explain all the intricacies of the ballpark and just take it all in with him. It’ll be a lot more meaningful when he’s older and we can go to a game.

As we left Fenway we decided to just get a snack because we were running late and dinner was in a couple of hours. But wouldn’t you know it, they were all out of pizza.

We did have a nice dinner with my parents and brother at the Outback Steakhouse in Bellingham. But I realized all I really wanted for Father’s Day was to stay with my family and watch the Celtics clinch a championship against the Lakers with Will. The only problem? We had left the dogs at home. That meant we had to go all the way back to the Cape, pick up the dogs and drive all the way back to Norton. But it’s OK, it’s not like gas is $4.20/gallon here right? MJ was a great sport about this and she agreed to do it. Of course the Celtics lost so it was all for nothing, but I appreciated her willingness to make my day special.

And despite everything that went wrong, it was special. Sure it didn’t go as well as planned but I was happy just to be with her, my son and my family. MJ also gave me a picture of the Red Sox from last year’s playoffs and a photo book filled with Will’s pictures so I could take it around in my car and show everyone pictures of Will. I loved everything.

Except the Celtics losing!

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4 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Well I have to say I was impressed with the plans that MJ had made for you, but I was wondering how she would pull this all off on no sleep and with an infant and all..

    I feel a little less guilty…we had an okay day yesterday too…ended with bobby injuring himself at softball game and he didnt’ go to the hospital because he wanted to watch the game, but we lost and then he went this morning to find out there was nothing he could do.

  2. 1) Thanks Meri, much appreciated!

    2) Erica (and anyone else interested), that shirt Will is wearing I bought at
    That’s one of the more reserved shirts there, they get pretty wild with some of their shirts so be prepared.

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