The Best Time

Granted, this is my first time riding the parental roller coaster, but so far this has been the best time to be Will’s dad.

He’s almost 21 months and the kid literally learns something new everyday. Like a sponge. He’s talking a lot now and he can really parrot things back to us. It’s sentences now, not just random words. He knows almost all of his body parts (especially pee-pee) and his animal sounds are spot on. He says “Mama, no!” and I swear to God when he says “I don’t know” it’s the cutest damn thing in the world because he tilts his head and shrugs both his shoulders when he says it.

But more than that, he’s just such a little person now.

He knows exactly what we’re saying even if he doesn’t always understand the words. When I ask him to do something, nine times out of 10 he does it. And lately he’s been tugging at his diaper and saying “poop” or “pee-pee” when he answers nature’s call.

I know none of this sounds like a big deal to anyone else, but it is. I have the privilege of seeing this beautiful kid on a daily basis and watching his day-to-day progress. And so far it’s been the best thing I’ve ever experienced. There is NOTHING on this Earth that even comes close to coming home to him at the end of the day. Or falling asleep with his head on my shoulder. Or how he puckers up every time he wants to give me a kiss.

Maybe I’m reflecting on all of this now because he’s staying with my parents until Friday due to our daycare provider being on vacation. It’s only been a day but I miss the shit out of him.

Last week Will was following me especially closely as I went to feed the dog. He always watches me, but this time he was intensely honing in on what I was doing. When I feed the dog I put her food down, make her sit and wait, and then I say “free” which is her release word so she knows she’s allowed to eat.

So I put the food down, told her to sit, and then I began my usual 5-second wait before I give her the command. But before I can do anything, Will runs right up next to me, points at Haley and shouts “FREE!” at the top of his lungs.

Haley listened to him and began eating. I just stared at my beautiful, intelligent and wonderful son in disbelief. The smile on his face was something I won’t ever forget for as long as I live.

I think there’s a new master in the house.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Time

  1. I wish we’d had that level o control over our dog – we were far too soft and paid the price with it’s behavior.

  2. The joys of being a parent. And let’s reference this when Will turns into a teenager 🙂

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