The Funny and Nothing But the Funny


If you only watch one video for the rest of this year, make it this one. Those of you with the iPhone 4S will appreciate it immensely. “ASK MY WIFE IF SHE IS FUCKING JIM MACPHERSON!!” I’ve never laughed harder.



Thanksgiving is upon us and that means Christmas shopping season is about to be turned up to 11. Those of you who have children (or those of you shopping for parents) may be wondering what to buy this year. I can only speak for myself, but I’m recommending DINKutopia’s Child Containment Unit. Fuck the pack & play and those baby gates that are always breaking and never seem to work, the CCU’s prison-like force field will keep your kid in solitary for hours while you finally catch up on all those video games you haven’t been able to play. Just $49.95!


Happy Monday!!


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