The Outset of Addiction

When you see someone you love start down the road toward addiction, it’s never a good thing.

Yesterday, while surrounded by family, I watched him set out down that path. I tried to rationalize it at first. After all, I’m not a narc or anything. I’m not the fun police. I’m a pretty laid back guy. A little experimenting never hurt anyone right? As long as he could keep it under control and not get hooked, I was fine with it. So when he took his first hit and I watched the amazed and exhilarated look on his face, it was actually kind of amusing.

Because as most of us know, there’s nothing like that first time. All of those chemicals hit you all at once, lighting you up like a Christmas tree. You feel the adrenaline start to pump as you realize you’ve never had anything like this before. You get the vague notion there will be consequences later, but in that moment you don’t care about anything except the euphoria you’re feeling.

I thought he would be happy that we let him experiment and leave it at that, but that wasn’t the case. He immediately went for some more. And again. And then again. He was immediately consumed with it and you could tell he was hooked mind, body and soul. He craved it. He needed it. To take it away might as well mean depriving him of the air he needs to breathe.

Everyone warns you that all it takes is one time to get hooked. But those people are squares right? They’re no fun. So you think you can handle it, that you can keep it under control. But yesterday, as I watched him take a hit for the 20th time, it was quite apparent that some people are just not equipped to deal with these things. And what’s worse, I knew I’d be dealing with the aftermath.

When we finally wrestled all the substances away from him he was angry. I’m talking ANGRY! He was yelling, screaming, kicking, clawing…it was an ugly sight. Sure he was all full of energy and adrenaline at first, but then he started to come down. Then the withdrawal symptoms started. He couldn’t walk and hell, he could barely crawl without falling over. His words were slurred and soon only unintelligible noises escaped his mouth as he craved for his newfound drug. Eventually he passed out, face down on the carpet.

Not to mention the fact that he soiled himself in the process.

It’s probably my fault. I condoned the behavior in the first place. I basically gave him a green light to try it and now this is the price we pay.

And that’s the story of Will’s first experience with ice cream, pie and a sugar rush!

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6 thoughts on “The Outset of Addiction

  1. I feel your pain. Give it awhile and all substances consumed by you or MJ will be the stuff he NEEDS… Good times

  2. Just wait until he gets his hands on a bacon cheeseburger. That is my downfall!

  3. You’re an asshole. Got me all over here wavering between concern for the person, indignation that you would do such a thing and surprise you would actually blog about it. Ice cream, smh. I should have known.

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