The Perfect Storm

Teething + Extreme Diaper Rash + Sick Parent Home Alone = Trouble.

My dad was nice enough to drop Will off yesterday morning. When he got home I breathed a sigh of relief because Will was happy, chirping, smiling and generally in great spirits. I should’ve known that he was putting on a front for Grandpa. You see, since grandpa is such a pushover, all it takes is a smile, a coo or a cute face and Will gets whatever he wants. Which is probably why he came home with a new toy and a bright yellow balloon that my dad said Will pointed at and “just had to have.”

Needless to say after grandpa left, things changed dramatically.

After Will woke up from his nap he was just screaming for seemingly no reason. He hasn’t screamed like that in months, I thought to myself. He hasn’t screamed like that since…uh oh. That’s when I pried open his mouth and saw it. A little white dot sticking up through the gumline. Ladies and gentlemen, we have molars!

Then I went to change him and saw his whole butt was bright red. I tried to wipe gently but as soon as I hit a certain spot right under his coin purse, he went BALLISTIC. The poor guy has one spot that’s so irritated it’s slightly bleeding. He only screamed louder when I put some cream on it.

And then, as if Satan himself was keeping watch, that’s when my stomach pain decided to return. For the next several hours I tried to take care of a screaming child with searing pain ripping through my abdomen. MJ had training all the way in Medford so it took her forever to get home. In that time, the only thing that would calm Will down was standing on the couch and looking out the window. But in his zest to stand up and look out into the yard, he jerked his head around really fast and he caught me in the face. He’s got a hard head and he gave me a fat and bloody lip.

By the time MJ got home I felt and looked like I just went 12 rounds with Baby Mike Tyson. I laid down on the couch for the rest of the night and just tried to breathe. And I’m afraid to eat anything that will irritate my stomach so I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and 3 packets of Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal all day.

As you might imagine, I did not have time for 30 by 30 and pictures this week, but on a positive note I’m down more than 5 lbs from last week from not eating.

Silver lining people. It’s all about the silver lining.

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13 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm

  1. 1. Will – call Will’s pediatrician and ask them to prescribe something called Gaum. It is an old pharmacists concoction for diaper rash but it is a miracle, if they don’t’ know what it is, I can give you the Rx recipe.
    Give will a really cold wet facecloth to chew on. It might help with the teething.

    2. You – have they checked your gallbladder?

  2. Karma …

    I got the head swipe but the little sucker was wearing a b-ball cap and almost beheaded me.

  3. I was thinking gallbladder too. I had mine removed after experiencing pain like you’ve described.

    When my kids got bleeding rashes I’d use medical tape to secure a square cut of diaper to their whowho’s and let ’em walk around most naked for a few hours a day. It can get messy but it was effective. Fresh air works wonders.

  4. aquaphor fro the diaper rash is the best….dermatologists use it for redness and irritation after laser treatments….works wonders. you can find it at your local pharmacy with the other diaper rash treatments….

  5. I must have missed the diaper rash – I feel really bad! And he did really need that balloon! 🙂

  6. Charlie had the same kind of diaper rash on Monday…his got to the point where it was blistering!!! I called the doctor and they told me to mix Desitin, Aquaphor and Bacatracin (I Know I didn’t spell that right—it’s the ointment for cuts and burns).

    The next day it was gone. It’s a miracle and you don’t have to go to the ped to get it.

  7. Braden is a head butting fool. I am always bobbing and weaving. Good luck with the teething, rash, and stomach pains.

  8. My daughter (she’s 6 now) got horrible bleeding diaper rashes. The doctor had me mix some Aquaphor and regular liquid Maalox into a paste and put it on the rash. Within a couple hours the rash was clearing up – that stuff is awesome!

  9. YES aquaphor! That stuff is best when it is SO raw like that-gives it a soothing feeling while the wound heals…use the diaper rash only when it’s not raw:( poor baby!
    and YES get your gallbladder checked!

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