The TV Nut Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree

I love TV. Love it. A lot.

I know TV is a four-letter word for some parents and you’re not supposed to have one in the house or let them watch it until they’re 30, because some mom blogger somewhere read half of an article on the Internet that said someone somewhere had a toddler that watched TV once and automatically had his IQ drop 50 points and he just slumped over and started drooling on himself like Jeff the narcoleptic from The Wiggles. Because we all know Jake & the NeverLand Pirates collaborate with Phineas & Ferb to poison the minds of young kids everywhere.

Needless to say, despite “experts” telling me I’m putting Will in great peril by exposing him to the idiot box, I was raised with the TV on at all times and he’s going to be raised the same way. After all, I turned out fine right? RIGHT??

So yeah, we watch some TV. Movies too. And one of Will’s favorites just happens to be one of my own. So we watch it together occasionally. And by occasionally I mean a shitload. To the point he has started to memorize some of the lines and he and I can recite them together by heart. See if you can guess which movie we’re talking about.

Take careful notice of the umbrella at the end complete with stabbing motions while shouting “DIE! DIE! DIE!” Yup, that’s my boy and that’s some good parenting.

To be fair, TV taught me a lot. Sure I read a lot of books and those helped too, but TV did a lot for me. Mainly it turned me into a bar trivia wiz and exponentially increased my pop culture IQ. Who needs classic literature when you can name every character in Seinfeld and can quote 75% of the lines to each and every Family Guy episode? And yes, Will loves Family Guy. Mainly because that theme song at the beginning of each show is like kiddie crack. They love it.

But just to show you I’m not all about the boob tube, here’s a cute video of Will apple picking last weekend. Sure he was supposed to be putting them in the bag instead of eating them, but we had a good time nonetheless. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “The TV Nut Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree

  1. Wills apple eatinng made me lol!! He’s such a cute kid. Also, i used to babysit these jewish kids who werent allowed to watch anything except videos in hebrew with dancing rabbis, no joke. And appearently, the Lion King was too violent for them, but the ten commandments with charlton heston was perfectly acceptable. Oh, and no spongebob. Because it would make them stupid.

  2. Aaron: “You’re supposed to put that apple in the bag, buddy.”
    Will, internal dialogue voice-over: “No, I’m supposed to eat it. Quit harshing my wholesome mellow.”

    I’m all for the Montoya quote too, btw. That movie (and book) are the Shakespeare of our era.
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  3. Love this article.
    Rock on with Princess Bride.

    I did a media study in college (so many years ago) and there is no empirical evidence that points to any conclusive study showing that watching television is bad for you (or your child) or that it can take a normal kid and make him or her violent. For as many studies that claim this to be true, there are just as many that show it is not. Sure, there are dozens of idiots who go out and shoot people and then blame it on the tv show they saw, or some video game they played, but let’s be honest, those aren’t our brightest and best anyway.
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  4. Someone in the UK is now claiming that if you let them on to the internet they become autistic. I wonder how long that will take to filter down to the mummy blogging circles…

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