Thus Speaketh the Wife

This post also appeared on in the opinion section of the Cape Cod Times, a division of Ottaway Newspapers, Inc.

So apparently my wife takes exception to some of the things I post here.

She’s not mad or anything, but she told me that sometimes I exaggerate the facts. And, on top of that, she claims I occasionally misquote her. As a journalist — a keeper of truth and guardian of accuracy — I took offense. I feel everything I’ve written is 100 percent true and if there’s any uncertainty it comes from differing interpretations of events. But regardless, I challenged her to set the record straight, and she accepted.

So starting (hopefully) soon, you will be treated to the “Mommy Files” every once in awhile. I have no idea what MJ is going to write about and I promised her she could write about pretty much whatever she wanted. Of course I say that now, we’ll see if my tune changes when I read what she comes up with. So even though this is the Daddy Files I think it’s important to represent the moms out there, and get a wife’s perspective on some of the things I blog about.

I’m not sure what this will do to our marriage if things get a little nasty, but I’m sure it will be entertaining for all of you and that’s what counts right? In the meantime, she told me she’s a little unsure of what to write about. So I told her I’d put it to you — my loyal readers — and ask you what subjects you’d like to see her tackle. Maybe it’s the Pink Socks incident, the baptismal gown or describing the hell that is having to put up with me on a daily basis. I’m not a woman and I certainly don’t pretend to know what women want. So leave some comments below and I’ll pass them onto her.

And let the games begin!

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7 thoughts on “Thus Speaketh the Wife

  1. I want MJ to talk about the house chores!…and the bills…..and the general maintenance of the house!…That is for your good but Scott from play group Aaron.

  2. Dear MJ, Congrats on Little Will! We love hearing about his adventures. Here’s a couple of topic ideas: dealing with 2 dogs and 2 boys, blending both faiths into your life , sharing the parenting, how Aaron’s blogging has affected your life.

  3. Sounds like Aaron is getting defensive already:) He does have that “right” though as a writer to embellish the facts though, I forget what they call it…

    But heck, I think for me and maybe most mommies and spouses out there, we can tell where the exageration comes from and for the most part, we tend to favor MJ’s point of view, at least through Aarons narration. Except maybe the cereal entry.
    That was a doozy!
    But it’d be nice to hear all sides of the story!!!
    🙂 🙂

  4. Honestly, I check your blog every day to see what you write. But the topics I love the most are when you have those “Dad moments” with your son and wife. If you want to update us about your day/activities every once in a while, that’s ok. But I look for more of the, dare I say it, “sensitive” and insightful realizations that you come to on a daily basis.

  5. The woman has the right to feed her infant in public. For me being discrete is the key. If she went into a corner of the restaurant or the bathroom no one probably would have noticed. I am breastfeeding currently but I will always bring a bottle of pumped milk or go to the car to nurse. One other thing – some babies hate to be covered by a shawl or blanket. I’ve read that on other message boards.

  6. We definitely want to hear from MJ. I give her MAJOR kudos for allowing everything she has allowed to posted. It’s your turn Aaron 😉

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