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I know parents are supposed to be role models. I should be the one leading the way and setting a positive example for Will. And I fully intend to do just that. But if ever I could show my son an example of what he should strive to become, it would be New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

You all know I’m a huge Patriots fan. And yes, I fully understand that makes me biased but hear me out. You see, I got to meet Tom Brady on Saturday at a charity event I covered at Craigville Beach. I had always heard from people who have met Brady — even the sometimes caustic sportswriters — say the guy just has a way about him. A disarming smile, genuine nice guy demeanor and All-American good looks make Brady the guy who all moms hope their daughter brings home as a boyfriend.

Not to mention he’s the best quarterback in the NFL, has three Super Bowl rings and is married to one of the hottest and most successful models on the face of the Earth.

So to sum up: Tom Brady is a phenonmenal athlete, millionaire, nice guy, into charity work, has a smokin’ hot wife, is a good dad (at least by most accounts) and let’s face it — he’s easy on the eyes. I’m straight, but the guy’s good looking. But what was most striking is how people gravitate towards him. And I’m not talking about overzealous autograph seekers. You have to see it in person, but people relate to Brady. I know that sounds crazy that average joes can possibly relate to a superstar athlete and celebrity, but it’s true. When you see him you feel like you can walk up to him and say “Hey Tom, what’s up? Wanna go grab a beer?”

So while I hope I can influence Will with many of my positive personality traits, I would not mind him turning out like Tom Brady. And if you think this is a totally contrived post just so I could brag that I met Tom Brady, Carl Lewis, Verne Troyer (Mini Me), Dan Koppen, Pierre Woods, Nick Kaczur, Stephen Neal and others…you’re absolutely right.

Enjoy the pics:

Tom Brady and “Mini Me” Verne Troyer

Tom Brady and Mini Me Verne Troyer
Tom Brady and Mini Me Verne Troyer

This one’s for you ladies. Drool away.

NE Patriots center Dan Koppen

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8 thoughts on “Tom Brady: Role Model

  1. Nice. No shame in declaring a man crush on Brady, I have one too. The guy rocks. I’m sure you agree with me that I hope he comes back even better this season. Very cool.

  2. I hope you have also the opportunity to meet Gisele. So you can see that beyond the hot body and succesful model there is a very nice human being who matches perfectly with Tom Brady.

  3. I like Tom too, for all the stated reasons, but really, you don’t want Will to grow up and father a child then be tempted by a prettier prospect. Are you sure he’s a good Dad? Does his son in California know he’s a good Dad? Does Tom get up with Baby Brady when his Mom’s alarm goes off and she has to go to work? Or does a Nanny take over, change his diaper and rock him while Baby Brady gazes lovingly at his Dad’s picture on the night stand? Don’t get me wrong, I like him, he’s great for the Patriots and yes, VERY easy to look at, but good Dad? The Daddy Files shouldn’t assume this to be true.

  4. Mary: No one except for Brady and his immediate inner circle know if he’s a good dad or not. That’s why I said by all accounts. And frankly, the fact that he guards his life with his son from the press so fiercely gains him some respect in my book. He could be out there grandstanding for the paparazzi and posing with his son, but he’s not. He keeps that stuff to himself.

    And also, that’s why I said “by all accounts.” And sorry, but ANY guy would go for Gisele Bundchen. Not only is she beautiful, but I hear she’s really down to earth and she’s a good stepmom to Tom’s son. So until I start hearing things to the contrary, I’m giving Tom Terrific the benefit of the doubt.

  5. Don’t tell me you would leave MJ and Will for Gisele? Say it aint so! I’m not hassling you, I love Tom Brady, it was just a knee jerk reaction. I should have counted to 10 before I posted my firt comment. Love your writing!

  6. Sorry, I should’ve clarified when I said any guy. That’s any celebrity guy. Celebrities are a whole different breed and they only seem to date each other.

    And besides, I only have one “cheat” woman and Gisele isn’t it. But if Tina Fey ever gives me a shot, MJ gave me permission! 😉

  7. I’m with CCG on the attraction to Tom. He is too pretty for me. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, though 😉 He does indeed seem to be a great, unbelievably down-to-earth guy, which puts him in the good role model category in my book.

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