Too Good To Be True

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That’s my family prior to yesterday’s Patriots game. Smiling, excited and hopeful about the start of a Super Bowl season. As you can tell, sports are a HUGE part of my family’s life and I couldn’t have been more excited as I dressed Will up in his first Patriots uniform, took him to my parent’s house, watched the Patriots Super Bowl DVDs from years past and began the first of what will be an annual tradition for the rest of his life. So yesterday should’ve been a landmark day, a perfect day where father and son bonding is had and traditions are begun.

Instead, I came to the realization that my son is a curse.

Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Patriots, is by far and away the best QB in the league. When his career is finished, he will be one of the top 5 quarterbacks ever to play the game. Part of his success has been his toughness. He has started 128 consecutive regular season games in his 8-year career. Never been seriously injured. Until yesterday that is…

Tom Brady had eight years of unmitigated success and good fortune. And then I dressed my son in a Tom Brady jersey for two hours and now Brady is crippled and out for the season. He sustained an ACL tear in his knee yesterday and although it’s not official, everyone knows he’s done this year. And with his departure, the Patriots season goes up in smoke. I repeat, this entire season is lost without Brady. And it’s all because of Will.

As you may have surmised, I’m very superstitious. I have lucky shirts, socks, underwear and I am not afraid to switch positions on the couch or kick people out of the room to change back luck during a game. But with Will, I didn’t really know what to expect. He had to wear something Patriots related and his Tedy Bruschi jersey is still too big for him. So I put him in the Brady onsie and — BOOM — the best QB in the league is out with an injury.

I should have known it was coming. After all, Will is a great kid. He’s cute, he’s healthy, he’s fun, he sleeps through the night….he was TOO perfect. Now I know his downside…he brings my favorite team horrible luck. After all, MJ was 7 months pregnant when the Disaster in the Desert occurred last February and the Patriots were upset by the Giants in the Super Bowl. I’m pinning that one on him too. Thank God I didn’t put the Bruschi jersey on him, poor Tedy may have had another stroke right then and there on the field.

I don’t know I’m going to fix this. I hate that Will is bad luck, especially bad luck to the Patriots who I’ve loved and supported my whole life. I’ll have to experiment with my jersey selections from now on. Or maybe just dress him in a regular Patriots onsie with no jersey. I don’t know. To be honest this has thrown me for a loop. Instead of enjoying football with my son, I’m trying to figure out how to dress him so that he doesn’t single-handedly take out all the team’s starters. MJ is none too pleased that I’m blaming Will but he’s the only new person/thing this year. My jersey is still the same, nothing about my family changed…just the introduction of Will.

Oh well, to try to lighten the mood here are some cute pictures of Will’s first Sunday of football.



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13 thoughts on “Too Good To Be True

  1. I’m not sure we can pin this on poor Will.

    But just in case, I suggest we get him a Peyton Manning jersey. Let him wear that for a week or two, then if Peyton doesn’t go down, we can burn it. That will also show Will is not the source of the problem here.

    And since his father DRAFTED PEYTON MANNING IN THE FIRST ROUND of our fantasy draft, perhaps that is the real source of the curse. Now to be fair, I also drafted a Colt in the first round. But PEYTON MANNING???? I think Will is innocent here, and Aaron is the guilty party!

  2. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. First, I don’t think you can rule out that horrible nickname having something to do with this. I don’t think he liked it and he may have retaliated against Brady as a result. In case you haven’t picked up on it yet I think your son may be a witch.

    Here’s what you do. Change his nickname. And apologize for Lunch Box. Then you get a generic number 13 patriots jersey (custom made if you have to), you put it on him inside out. You get him a rabbit’s foot to play with and hope for the best.

    If that doesn’t work you’ve got 2 options. Option 1: Throw him in a Buckner jersey. Either the bad luck will cancel out or it will reach a critical mass and the CERN particle accelerator will destroy us all. Either way, the curse problem’s solved there. Option 2: Cave and get the little guy baptized. Say what you want about ‘em, the Catholics know how to deal with witches.

    I need an old preist and a young preist…

  3. Don’t blame it on Will. Blame it on Gisele! I bet she was at the game. It’s the Jessica Simpson curse all over again. That sweet little Tater Tot (new nickname?) had nothing to do with it.

  4. See what happens when you make Bear think? Nothing good can come from this.

    He may be on to something with that Buckner thing though…

  5. You may be right…

    OK, Lunch Box is officially nixed and Tater is in! Now he’s in for a lifetime of Sling Blade jokes but that’s cool. We’ll see how it works against the Jets next week.

    Thank you Cape Cod Gal. You have won the nicknaming contest and I officially owe you a margarita.

  6. Just thought it’s worth mentioning… The original “Lunch Box” is a huge NY Giants Fan.

  7. Thanks for telling me that now. Jeez…what is wrong with you that you would fail to tell me that?!?!?

  8. Yessssss!! Victory is mine. It’s that little bit of redneck in me that inspires these nicknames.

  9. I think you get off easy in this blog. Any day you have nothing to write, you post several cute photos of Will and the writing is immediately forgotten. I can believe he’s getting so big (not in the giant, sumo-baby sense, merely in the “holy crap, I can’t believe that kid is like five months old” sense) and cute. Good luck breaking his curse. Maybe he’ll keep cursing Patriot’s jerseys until he is wearing his own?

  10. I don’t believe it’s that cute little Tater Tot for one minute either. Brady has been cavorting with his model and becoming a model himself, and that took his mind off the game again. I blamed her for the Super Bowl, and I’m going to blame her for this, too. She’s the witch!

  11. Poor Will… knowing you, if this keeps happening you’d probably give him up for adoption!

  12. I just want to say-if I saw your baby out and about-I wouldn’t even think to say how big he is…he looks like a normal healthy baby to me!

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