Touchdown Will!

Look, I know it’s Fatherhood Friday and everything over at Dad-Blogs, but I just don’t have anything in the tank this week.

So instead of reading my inane ramblings, you get a very cute video of Will doing cute Will things. I love the fact that he can say “football” and “touchdown” now. And that he puts pots on his head. And check out his “mad face.” The kid’s intense.

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9 thoughts on “Touchdown Will!

  1. Looks like it’s haircut time again!! I’m still available for the task…Isn’t time for a southerly trip for you guys?

  2. Love the “oh boy” at the end, haha. The mad face is great!
    Don’t cut his hair!!! I’m still traumatized over cutting my son’s hair before I was ready to, haha.

  3. Great video. Attacking mom while she is using the computer is one of the favorite activities at our house too. I can never get video of Braden though. Every time I try he comes after me and the camera. He has no focus.

  4. ohhh boy….

    that should be a parenting motto.

    and hey. he put a pot on his head. that, right there my friend, is innovation. he’s thinking outside the box and finding new meaning in commonplace items.

    or he just likes to put pots on his head.

    absolutely adorable 🙂

  5. I hate to say it, but my favorite part is the last 2 seconds. I think a meltdown is how 75% of our home videos end.

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