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I have an entire post planned regarding vacation before and after kids, but to be honest I’m too tired. I’ll get to it in a couple of days, I promise.

Vacation was fun and I’m sad it’s over. Except in some ways I’m not. It’s a lot of work to take a 14-month-old to a new place and break a routine. But I’m glad we did because it was a BEAUTIFUL house and the area was so gorgeous. I’m a sucker for the mountains, hiking, streams, and the outdoors in general so this was perfect. And the heated, in-ground pool helped too. There aren’t any pictures of the house or of me, MJ and our friends because…well, we were taking care of babies during the day and at night we had a few alcoholic beverages so no one was manning the camera.

But here are some parts of our mini vacation:

This is the view looking down the road from our house.

This doesn’t do it justice, I swear…

Finding the treasure during our geocache adventure in the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge

My two favorite people

Dipping Will’s toe in the Pemigewasset River in Franconia Notch

It was a great (albeit exhausting) time and thank you so much to my friend Alex who made it all possible. Now it’s back to the grind stone and trying to catch up on the ridiculous number of posts in my Google Reader. You guys have been busy!

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4 thoughts on “Vacation Picture Post

  1. It seems that mountains make everything better! I always forget how hard it is on kids to break routine (until I do it), so I feel your pain.

    (I just found your site on dad-blogs, I like it… you’ve found another subscriber 🙂 )

  2. Wow, absolutely breathtaking. Those images will forever be indulled into your brain. Remember to look them up on cold dreary nasty weather days! You three make a goregeous family, you truly compliment each other bringing a picture of happiness.

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