Vermont was AWESOME!

So we’re back from Vermont and quite honestly, I wish that wasn’t the case.

We stayed in a 3,800 sq. foot farmhouse in the middle of nowhere and it was spectacular. It had a game room with an old school tabletop shuffleboard game which we basically wore out. It had a HUGE fireplace which we all congregated around to laugh, tell old stories and drink. And then drink some more.

Rather than describe it, here are a few photos of our shenanigans:

Overlooking North Adams, where we went to college for four years

The Charlie Brown Hill house exterior

The game room with the fireplace

The boy likes pumpkins

Will having sharing issues with Madison, who is just 13 days younger

Don’t be afraid…that’s just the “Drunk MJ Smile”

That’s my “Oh crap I’m drunk but look at how drunk my wife is I’m going to have to take care of her and the baby tonight” look.

I love Vermont roads

It was just so great to unwind with good friends and have fun. However, we were a little too hungover to run the 5k so instead of a weekend of exercise and promoting fitness, we just drank a lot and capped everything off with a pasta dinner. Needless to say my Weight Loss goals were not met this weekend. But it’s a sacrifice I’ll gladly make for the time we had.

Coming up tomorrow, I will recount the harrowing “short cut” we tried to take in Vermont that nearly led to us being stuck in the woods with crazy rednecks as MJ had a panic attack. You don’t wanna miss it.

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5 thoughts on “Vermont was AWESOME!

  1. OOOH! Get those floaties out! I was worried when you said you were running this weekend, but it seems my stress was in vain! Whew!

    Glad you had fun! Sorry we couldn’t join you!

  2. Snow hat-Will looks SO cute in that picture…something so innocent about that expression.

  3. I’m looking to get snowed in some where with no kids and a couple bottles of Grand Marnier. That place looks perfect!

  4. A left wing liberal media reporter stuck in the woods with gun toting rednecks …. can’t wait for the update!

    (Deliverance comes to mind) … ;o)

    PS … must have been a great weekend … you only missed gale force winds and rain on Sat night.

  5. Those were some great pictures, I’m jealous of the northern climate. You’d better start kicking your HASAY butt into gear or Cape Cod Girl will win!

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