Wanted: Sense of Humor for My Wife!

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Look, I readily admit I’m a practical joker.

In fact, I try to make a joke out of almost anything. I’m a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine…next to Jameson whiskey that is. It’s also my defense mechanism when I get nervous or uncomfortable. Plus I love to be the center of attention and therefore making people laugh has always been a top priority for me. MJ knew this when she started dating me and especially when she married me. In fact, if she hadn’t gotten wind of it, the bottom of my shoes would’ve had “HELP” and “ME” written on them, displayed to everyone in the audience during our wedding ceremony while kneeling. It’s just how I am.

And yes, we have a child now. I’m a father and as such, I have taken on multiple responsibilities. And I take them all seriously because there is nothing — NOTHING — I won’t do to protect and care for my family. But one thing I have learned is that motherhood — despite the many positives it brings — also takes something away: her sense of humor!

Yesterday I skipped the gym because I really missed MJ and Will and I wanted to hang out with them. It was such a nice day I suggested we take the dogs and go for a walk along the Cape Cod Canal. We were having a great time, walking and talking and watching the dogs eat shells, bird poop and rocks, when MJ’s shoelace came untied. So she put the wheel lock on the stroller, turned away from it and bent down to tie her shoe. I really don’t know why I felt compelled to do it, but I made the decision to mess with her a little bit. It was very windy out, so while MJ was bending down I said:

“Your baby is rolling away.”

Folks, I’ve never seen a human being move so fast. First she whipped her whole body around, arms already outstretched in an attempt to grab the runaway stroller. And when she realized it hadn’t gone anywhere and I was just screwing with her, she hit me in the head! I’m serious, she belted me RIGHT ON THE HEAD!! She was like some kind of mommy ninja because I swear she reached for the stroller AND hit me in one fluid motion that took approximately .58 seconds.

I was pissed. I couldn’t believe she whacked me. I mean seriously, did she think that I’d just stand there and watch my child roll away into the ocean?? Although she was doing this half laugh, half glaring at me in anger thing, I asked her where her sense of humor had gone. She replied that it must’ve come out during delivery. Touche. But seriously, just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of humor. A good joke is a good joke, regardless of content.

But just wait until I fake dropping the baby when she’s in the kitchen and I’m in the living room. Now that’ll make for an interesting blog entry. That’s if I’m able to type after she tries to break all of my fingers.

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6 thoughts on “Wanted: Sense of Humor for My Wife!

  1. Maternal Instinct : The Silent Killer

    Seriously, I want you to scroll back through your blogs to the one where you mentioned the call at the gym and the gut wrenching feelings you had when you thought your child was hurt. MmmmmHmmmm. Yea, you might want to sit and marinate on that one for a bit. Now try to explain, even if only to yourself, how, exactly, evoking those feelings in your wife can be construed as humour.

    She didn’t think you’d let your child just roll away into the canal. She didn’t think, period. She reacted. Just don’t complain when that reaction involves pain, blood and serious bodily injury on your part is alls I’m sayin! lol

  2. Sorry that seemed harsh it was suppose to have some humor in it. So what I meant was, “You are so silly that wasn’t nice.” You see I had just been chased down the street by two dogs while pushing V3 in his stroller. Had to call Animal Control and all that… So you can imagine why I might not see great humor in your decision to tease MJ about the child being endangered in the stroller. However, I applaud Mj’s ninja like reflexes.

  3. Always a joker. Sometimes, though, things should not be joked about, such as your baby going into the Cape Cod Canal. Plus, your wife can beat you up.

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