We Have a Tooth!

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It wasn’t there last night when I left to go to the Patriots vs. Eagles preseason game, but lo and behold it’s definitely there now.

Will cut his first tooth. It’s a tiny little razor on the bottom and I noticed it this morning when I was letting him chew on my finger. At first I was freaked out because I thought he had something sharp in his mouth that shouldn’t be there, but then light dawned on marble head and I realized he had his first tooth.

I got really excited over this. But then I thought about it and I’m not sure why it’s such a big deal. I mean it’s not like he can control it. He can’t will his teeth to come in faster by concentrating really hard. They come when they come. But nevertheless it’s another milestone and it says in the Official Parent Handbook that you have to call every single relative you have and scream “WILL GOT HIS FIRST TOOTH!” as excitedly as possible. I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.

And frankly I’m thrilled to have good news because last night’s Patriots game was just awful. They sucked so badly against Philly I wanted to gouge my own eyes out with a dull, rusty spoon. And we had great seats thanks to my Dad’s boss 22 rows from the field on the 45 yard line too. What a waste. Not to mention the Sox are currently getting hammered by the Blue Jays 9-0 so I’m not a happy camper. I also had beer for the first time in three months last night so the stomach is still a little unsettled.

And I’m sure you wanted to hear all about the intricacies of my digestive maladies didn’t you?

Off to work now and then a BBQ tomorrow with some friends and family I haven’t seen in awhile, so don’t count on a post in the next 24 hours. Sorry…

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