Would You Wear Pajamas at the Bus Stop?


Marriage ain’t easy, and we’ve been through more than our fair share of rough spots.

Pregnancy, not being able to get pregnant, multiple miscarriages, dealing with abortion protesters, financial hardships, mental health issues, and the Great Hershey Bar War of 2009 are just some of the bullcrap MJ and I have endured in our eight years of marriage.

But now we face a much bigger — and completely unexpected — problem which is currently threatening to tear us apart.

Pajamas at the bus stop.

Now that I work from home three days a week, I get to take care of the kids in the morning before work. Part of that is getting to put Will on the bus to school. One of the best perks of working from home is not having to get dressed up for the office, which is really just a way of saying I get to stay in my pajamas on my couch while I’m at work. Yes, it’s as glorious as it sounds.

But about a month ago MJ finally had enough.

She told me she is HORRIFIED that I go out to the bus stop in my pajama pants. Because it’s trashy. And because I do it, I’m trashy. Also, apparently I’m embarrassing myself, her, and my family by extension.

Needless to say I was floored. I mean, I know my wife is a little uptight, but this seemed like overkill. Especially because the only ones out at the bus stop are our neighbors on the other side of our duplex. We live on a quiet street with hardly any traffic, so it’s not like I’m setting up shop in Times Square. But even if we did live in a highly trafficked area, I mean — THEY’RE PAJAMAS!!

I told her I work hard, and up until now I’ve had to get up early and get dressed in button-down shirts and slacks with dress shoes to head into the office. The beauty of working from home, I told her, is the ability to just laze around like a bum while I do my work. It doesn’t make sense to me to get dressed just to go out to the bus stop, to impress our neighbors (who don’t care what I look like) and 15 elementary school kids who are too busy talking to notice my Patriots PJs.

But she wasn’t having any of it.

MJ maintained everyone should take some pride in their personal appearance whenever they leave the house — even if “leaving the house” consists of walking 25 feet to the end of the driveway and then coming right back inside. I’m not big on looks and etiquette, and MJ has a traditional streak a mile wide. And it appeared our two rather large personalities were locked in a death struggle.

That’s when the insults started flying.

She called me white trash. I called her a prude. She claimed I was humiliating my family, I urged her to get someone to surgically remove the rather large stick from her ass. On and on it went until we agreed to settle arguments like most couples do in this the 21st century — pose the question to social media and have people vote on it.

So good readers, with whom do you stand?

Do you care about appearances to the point of having to get dressed up to walk to the end of the driveway for fear of neighbors, strangers, and small children judging you? Or do you have enough self-confidence to say who gives a crap what other people think, and remain comfortable while walking your kid to the bus stop?

It’s the showdown — pajamas versus no pajamas. And the side you choose in this war could affect the future of our marriage, this website, and possibly the world as we know it.

Weigh in and leave a comment.

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128 thoughts on “Would You Wear Pajamas at the Bus Stop?

  1. Wear the PJ’s to the bus stop. As long as you get dressed when you go to the store.

  2. I’m siding with MJ here. I work from home every day and I am always dressed before work and/or walking out of the door. Going outside in your pajamas is the equivalent of telling the world, “I’ve just given up”. This isn’t about intestinal fortitude or raging against the machine. If wearing inappropriate clothing was a sign of individuality and strength, websites like People of Wal-Mart wouldn’t exist. Well, at least they wouldn’t in their current iteration.

    Dressing well, even if it means throwing on jeans and a Oxford button down to stand at the end of the driveway speaks volumes about caring about one’s appearance and how one presents themselves to the world. The latter – I think – is an important lesson to teach our children. This isn’t to say that one needs to be a conformist, but it is a valuable lesson to impart: how one carries themselves and how they are perceived by the world matters. If you dress like a bum, the world treats you like a bum. If you dress like a professional, the world treats you like a professional.

    It may not be fair that we are judged in such a fashion, but our job isn’t to protect our children from the world per se, but instead to prepare them for it.

  3. Tom: A button down shirt to go to the end of the driveway? Sorry, that’s overkill for me. Again, this isn’t Wal-mart or any store. It’s my property. Right outside my house. On a desolate little road. Not at all the same.

    If I were going to a job interview I’d dress for it. And I’ll teach my kid that. But I work hard in my pajamas all day, and I’m very against dress codes and all that crap. Wardrobe does not dictate job performance or success. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg. I tell my son not to judge a book by its cover, especially if it’s a mom or dad in the morning trotting out in PJs to put a kid on the bus.
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  4. I would go for asking MJ more about the problem. It sounds like it isn’t about pajamas, it’s something deeper and probably, something that has been bothering her from a long time ago. Probably, you guys need to go walk for a talk. P.S. I work from home and I know what is like, for my wife is the same. We are in our pajamas, sometimes past noon or even haven’t taken a shower. But sometimes, everybody wants to turn around and see a good looking human taking you out for an elegant dinner… My probably and wrong opinion.
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  5. LMAO! Aaron keep the PJ’s but get in the car and drive the 25 feet. You are comfortable and MJ is happy. Hey, you could just do it like we do in the south in our boxers and T-shirts. Team Aaron all the way!! SKEEEEWWWWW!!!

  6. Honestly I am surprised at all the stuck up judgmental people out there. Why do you all care what people think of you? It’s not like the pj pants have holes in them or are filthy. Aaron I say when the weather gets warmer take Will out to the bus stop in your boxers and see how that goes over I bet the PJ pants wont look so bad then. lol.

  7. At least you had a shirt on (I gather it was cold). I have been known to walk the three houses to the mail box in sweat pants (or shorts in the summer), and nothing else, to get the mail. No shoes, no shirt, no problem.

    That said, I usually have to put some sort of non-sweat/PJ’s on during the day, even if I don’t leave the house. I do feel a bit slovenly if I am still in my sweats when the wife comes home from work.
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  8. Under no Circumstances should pajamas EVER be worn outside the home. Throw on sweats or jeans and a sweatshirt.

  9. I wouldn’t wear my pajamas to the bus stop, but I say to each their own. Although, perhaps a pair of sweat pants instead of patterned pajama pants would be a good compromise? I don’t see any reason to get dressed up for the bus stop and I’m not one who much cares what other people think, but I do believe that a lot of people would frown upon your bus stop attire. If that embarrasses MJ (and Will would probably end up embarrassed at some point if one of his friends said something about it) then I say go for the compromise. You can still be comfy without embarrassing her.

  10. I have to side with your wife on this one even though I have had a stickupmyassanectomy. I had to ask my wife to stop wearing a bathrobe out to the bus… that went well. Thanks for taking my mind off the crap on the internet and focusing on something important, and I don’t mean PJ bottoms, or marital rifts, or the like, I mean not taking ourselves so damn seriously.
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  11. Sweats are fine and pretty much the same thing comfort wise. Perhaps just sleep in sweats/other light weight athletic pants and then you both can be happy. No need for you to change and no need for MJ to feel mortified.

  12. I work from home and rarely leave the house in pajama type clothes but what do I care if you do? I would not think any less of you. I would agree with Rodrigo also that this is not about the pajamas but something bigger.

  13. I think it’s silly to let something to small turn into contention in your family. Throw on some sweatpants, keep the peace.
    And you should consider getting dressed every morning, studies show that work-at-homes are more productive and more professional if they’re dressed.

  14. Life is too short to worry about what your neighbours think. Wear your pjs if that’s what makes you happy.

  15. Pffft! Absolutely on your side here, Aaron. What matters in life is treating people with respect and kindness in your interactions, not what fabric covers your ass. Obviously it would be stupid to go to an interview in pajama bottoms, but on your own property? Whatever, so not a big deal.

  16. If people are going to see you (no matter who) then no, no PJs in public. Is it that hard to throw on some sweat pants?

  17. It is hilarious that some of you think sweatpants = acceptable while PJs = OMG trashy.

    And the “Just make your wife happy and keep the peace” argument is especially troubling. What if the tables were turned? What if I was dictating what clothes my wife should wear? How would it go over if a man was telling his wife to dress up more and look better in the morning? I have a feeling it would be a VERY different discussion.

    Something to think about.
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  18. I think it would mean more if it embarrassed you kid. My kids love when I wear characters that they know… I’m the cool mom… and subsequently the comfortable mom. People shouldn’t spend so much time and energy worrying what other people think.

  19. Really people? Get a fucking grip on yourselves. Sweat pants and wind pants are okay but pj’s aren’t? Is this the fucking late 80’s all over again? Shit. Trying to say it shows how much he cares about his looks to others is like saying a horse with dingleberries isn’t proud of itself enough to be in a show. People who focus so much on how they appear to others are people who have issues with how they appear to themselves.

    If the kid isn’t embarrassed then fuck it and let it ride. My guess is that kid loves you no matter what you are wearing, and is probably being brought up not to give a shit what others say as long as he is comfortable in his own skin. Or pj’s. Or whatever.

    As for the argument with MJ? I’m not the best person to give marital advice by any means. I do a lot of shit in public that my wife can’t stand. And so does she. But in the end, we really don’t care how we individually appear to people. If this was a job interview, or school board meeting, then yes, put on regular clothes.

    But it’s not any of those things.

    Fuck em and feed em hotdogs.

  20. I’ve worn my plaid pj pants to Walmart, the drugstore, and to drop him off at the bustop if I’m home sick.

    Sometimes, because I get up at 5am to drop him off at 630 every morning, I’m just too tired to give a flying rat’s ass about what I look like. I’m not trying to impress anyone. I’m cool with my looks, and if other people don’t like it, well, then they can just not wear it.

  21. I would ask your kid how they feel – that would be the tie breaker! I totally go outside in pj’s – I don’t go to the store in my pj’s tho – altho I do leave the house in my black yoga pants. My kids are not school age yet but I could totally see my husband getting them off to school in his pj pants – and I really don’t care what he wears as long as there are no holes in inappropriate places!

  22. This is shaping up to be my favorite comment thread of all time.

    I can honestly say I like stirring up controversy from time to time, but I had no idea how much of a hot button topic freaking pajama pants could be. Honestly, you guys have some passionate opinions about PJs. After 6 years of blogging, I still can’t always predict what’s going to piss people off.

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  23. Put a bra on, and take the curlers out of your hair trailer park man. πŸ˜‰

    I work out of the house too so office attire is whatever is most comfortable but I haven’t any problem with pajamas. You won’t catch me throwing on a button down shirt just to walk down the driveway.

    BTW, sweatpants and a sweatshirt are pajamas so…
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  24. Wear the PJs if it makes you happy. I’d do it, and I’m the Mom in this house. My only two concerns would be, 1) Is everything adequately covered up (saw quite a bit more of one male neighbor than I wanted to one morning when he came outside to smoke with PJ pants not as buttoned as they should have been) and 2) Is your kid okay with it?

  25. Wear the PJs man! Who the heck cares? Now, if you happen to venture off your property then I say at least put sweats on, otherwise….rock on!

  26. Who the F cares what he wears? Is he a good dad? Obviously, he wrote that he “gets” to take care of his kids in the am, not “have to,” which tells me a bit about his mindset. He actually gives enough of a fuck to walk his kidlett to said bus stop, rather than just patting him on his head and scooting him out the door. As for the “white trash” statement, seriously? Lighten up, lady. Is he wearing the pajamas everywhere, like to the store, to a restaurant, to the PTA meetings? No? Just to the bus stop? Well get the hell off of his back for Christ sake. This sounds like a larger issue to me, if I know anything about passive women. Sounds like she is really got an issue with perceived laziness, which should be communicated forthright rather than taking issue over PJs. Time for a good, non insult throwing, heart to heart about what’s really going on.

  27. I’ve sat on my front porch in pajamas, and I’ve walked the dogs (around the block) in yoga pants – however, I draw the line beyond there and will usually throw on a pair of jeans or something if I’m venturing outside of the block. I think if you’re in your yard/driveway then it’s an extension of your home. You’re covered, you’re not doing anything offensive. Hell, at least you care enough to accompany your kid while waiting for the bus… πŸ™‚

  28. You have a full time job and you are responsible for your kids. As long as your pj’s aren’t offensive to anyone (gang colors, etc) wear them to the end of the driveway. You are still on your property!

  29. Honestly, im lucky if I know where my jeans are on a daily basis. Ive worn fuzzy pajama pants pretty much every day since I graduated high school. Sure, I dress up for work, or social engagements, even grocery shopping (sometimes) but as soon as I get the chance, im in my comfy pants. That also means yoga pants at the bus stop (or even *gasp* fuzzy cartoon jammies)

  30. Wear those PJs! I wouldn’t get all dressed up to bring the trash can in or get my mail and I don’t see this being all the different.

  31. To the end of the driveway who cares! I take trash out in my pajamas and robe all the time, in fact I drive my kids to school if they miss the bus in my fluffy pink robe. Grocery store or having to go in somewhere is a different story. Get dressed.

  32. I’m all for wearing pajamas to the bus stop. If you’re going to the store, put on some real clothes. 😑

  33. IMHO: Having other people feel they should be able to tell you how to dress unless there is some vulgar or threatening aspect to your clothes…is in itself offensive. If someone looks at that picture where you have your arm lovingly on your child, with the child cuddled against you, and all they see are the designs on your pants…then they have a very skewed set of priorities. I see Dad love at the bus stop. They see pajamas.

    I also have to ask… isn’t this PJ backlash a bit sexist? If that was a picture of a Mom in s sweatshirt and soft pants, I don’t think anyone would even notice.

  34. It blows my mind that people actually care what other people wear to the bus stop, and that people are getting heated over this thread. I wear my pjs to the bus stop allllll the time. In the winter I have my pjs on under my snow suit. I don’t get to have a shower until my oldest is on the bus and the twins are watching tv nicely. There’s no way I’m getting dressed to go out then come in to shower and get dressed again. If that makes me trashy so be it. Maybe when my boys are older, if it bothers them, I’ll throw jeans on. Until then, pjs it is!

  35. I am so on your side. Totally not worth getting dressed. it’s super close to your house. If it really embarrassed your kids it might be different but I am sure it does not even phase them and once they are old enough for it to bother them I am sure they will be old enough to walk to the bus stop by themselves.
    Signed a fellow pajama wearing parent!

  36. If your kids don’t mind if you were jammies down to the bus, go for it. I have to drive my kids to school so it doesn’t matter what my bottom have looks like (though it is always covered. LOL!) I comb my hair and throw a hoodie on. Kids don’t care that i have jammie pants and slippers on.

    I would ask your wife why it bothers her so much. It seems like an awfully small thing to get so worked up about.

  37. What is the difference between pajamas, a track suit, or yoga pants? Sorry, but as long as you are keeping the mouse in his house I don’t see the issue. For the people who are getting worked up, would you wear jogging shorts out at the bus stop in the summer? Same difference. Some people aren’t going to work right away, so why get dressed up for the bus stop? If wearing PJ’s at the bus stop is wrong then most of the moms in my neighborhood should also be locked up. Stay strong Aaron!
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  38. Ok, so from the kids’ point of view….. my Mom wore PJs or other comfortable casual attire wherever and whenever she felt like it. Our first day of school from moving out of state, she wore white booty shorts with red hearts and a sky blue tank top with white polka dots….. 30 yrs later I can recall EXACTLY what she wore and the laughter of the kids in my new class after she walked out. I was mortified because it was the first time I realized my Mom was fashion challenged. Up til then I never noticed. I know this sounds over dramatic and crazy, but dude, put some sweats or jeans or shorts or something. To you, it’s no biggie (and really it isn’t a biggie) but it’s those stupid lil things that can scar your kids LOL. P.s. My Mom passed a couple of years ago and til the day she passed, I’d have to stop her from buying PAJAMAS to wear as regular clothes because they were comfortable….. it’s a scary trip Man, think of the kids! LOL I did like the suggestion to drive the 25 ft in the car.

  39. Well, the way I see it, you have a number of options… buckle down and agree with the OH as, at the end of the day, marital harmony and all that.



    So PJ’s aren’t allowed? Longer jacket over shorts. Those bare legs will certainly draw attention and the OH will be happy to see you back in PJs rather than looking like a potential flasher waiting on the school bus.

    Those PJ pants are too trashy? Sweats are a bit of a compromise (not quite trousers but not PJs) so what about some nice 80s style lycra leggings. If they’re good enough for Olympic cyclists they’re good enough to wait by the bus stop…

    Or just go for the reductio and wear a mascot costume. The kids will love it and who knows, the OH might like the idea of some furry fun later…

    (On the whole though, I’d say pull on a pair of slacks… your OH sounds scary πŸ˜‰ )

  40. Who cares what others think? This society needs to get over itself. I say wear whatever the heck you want, as long as you are wearing something that won’t cause an accident. Cuz then all bets are off. πŸ˜‰
    It is not causing anyone harm and if it makes people laugh – consider yourself helping the world become a happier place. Laughter is good.
    Thanks for a funny post, and wear those pj’s proud!

  41. I’m going to turn every Friday into “Bus Stop PJs Day.” I will reach out to brands and shop around for the best PJs, and take pictures at the bus stop with my son. Until he’s embarrassed by me and then I’ll have to stop. But until then…it’s on!
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  42. We don’t have a bus where we live but one morning, my husband brought my son to school in his pjs. No big deal, right? It’s just a car ride and back home, right? Well, he was a minute too late and had to walk him into the office to sign him in. In the plaid flannel pjs. No one even noticed. Who cares? Wear the pjs (at least they are Pats pjs).

  43. I would rent a tuxedo for a day and make a damn point…also long as they are decent I don’t see a problem with it. I have seen worse in Walmart.

  44. Okay…. so how about if we just forget about whether or not it is allowed or not allowed. How about if you dont wear them because your wife doesnt like it? Ignore opinions and comments and just make her happy. Happy wife = Happy life. πŸ™‚

  45. Megan: I absolutely HATE that happy wife = happy life crap. It’s insulting to husbands AND wives. The idea that women can’t be happy unless they’re married to a mindless, quivering coward with no opinions of his own doesn’t do anyone any good.

    It’s like saying if I want sex everyday I should get it because it’s my wife’s job to keep me happy.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I rescind all earlier objections. πŸ˜‰
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  46. If you PJs didn’t have a open fly its fine for the school bus / getting mail putting out the trash. I put out trash in my PJs. As long as you are covered up its fine. Just don’t go driving in them unless its midnight and pregnant wife needs a burger then that’s OK πŸ™‚

  47. Tell her you will stop wearing Jammie’s to the bus stop if she is willing to give you a little somethin when you come back from the bus stop? Then everyone’s happy.

  48. The dude abides.
    I work from home and do the same thing (sort of – no bus. Just a walk to the mailbox) in my PJ bottoms. Mine may be a bit more embarrassing as they are Chicago Bears pajamas, but once we get a decent defense it should be less so.
    Oh, and please tell me you skip the shower too. Go big or stay … oh wait.


  49. I don’t wear PJs ever. I even wear ties to bed sometimes. I believe in looking good wherever I go, even if I’m not leaving the house.

    It’s not necessarily wanting to impress people, although people generally do respond well to my physical appearance, and I like it. It’s more about feeling good.

    Even when I’m at my home office, it makes me “feel good” to be fresh, showered, clean, and even sometimes wearing a tie (although I’ve toned that down a bit), simply because it makes me feel better. I’m in a better mindset when I’m fresh and clean, and if I bring that attitude to my work, it shines, whether people witness me or not.

    As stay-at-homers or work-at-homers, some people revel over the fact that they can simply roll out of bed, replete with B.O. and face the day privately in a robe and slippers. Not me. I have to treat myself and dress in a manner that makes me feel good. I revel in the fact that I can wear a tie on my own terms, without reporting to a boss.

    How’s THAT for perspective?

    I’m gonna have to inadvertently agree with your wife here, Aaron, and not necessarily because I think you’re trashy for wearing PJs to a bus stop. Sh_t! I say, DO YOU, and whatever makes you feel comfy.

    Just ain’t for me. I like treating myself, in private first…and in public, it shows. I radiate joy of knowing I’m holding myself to high standards. I see it in the response I get from people, the smiles I receive from the ladies, the passers-by who say, “good morning, sir.”

    …all without trying to “impress” them. Because, it ain’t for them, eh.

  50. Ryan: And I’m great with that. Do what you do. But the question is, do you negatively judge someone standing with their kid at the end of their driveway wearing PJs? Because that seems to be what’s happening here in several instances. And that’s not cool.

    I hate dressing up. Hate it. Wearing a suit bothers me. I’m uncomfortable. In fact, I will never take a job that requires me to wear a tie every day. I just won’t. I seek a certain type of workplace culture and that ain’t it. It doesn’t make me feel better, doesn’t improve my self esteem, and doesn’t increase productivity. In fact, I get more work done at home where I’m comfortable. Wardrobe does not dictate job performance.

    In the end it’s about personal style (or lack thereof) and individuality. You rock a bow tie and it works for you. Big time. I lounge in PJs and I’m thrilled to death.

    But when either side starts making snap judgments about books by covers, that’s when I get defensive.
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  51. I see no problem with wearing decent PJ pants to the bus stop at the end of your driveway. If the stop were elsewhere then I think you should wear pants or sweats. I will admit to laughing at (in my head only, not out loud in front of the kids) the mom who walks her kid to the front door of school (from her apartment across the street) wearing PJs and a sweater, looking like she just rolled out of bed.

    It seems like your wife is the one with the insecurities about you being seen “in public” in your PJs. Seriously, though, NO ONE ELSE CARES (if they even notice!). That said, if it’s really such a big deal to your wife maybe you could put on some equally comfortable sweats instead of the PJs. Keep the peace, bro! Make mommy happy!

  52. This is a huge issue with me . Who gives a shit what you wear outside your own house you all need to get a life and worry about yourselves and not others around you.Thats what wrong with society today is the judgement of others not pajama pants. Go worry about something that’s going to make a difference and not what others are wearing.

  53. Funniest thing ever!!!!!!
    I wear pjs all the time and so do my kids
    We are a happy pj wearing family lol
    And let your wife be greatful you wear pjs my hubby runs out the front to take the bin out in his undies lol
    I normally stand at the window and wolf whistle just for shits and giggles lol

  54. PJs okay as long as not indecent. Life’s too short to care what strangers think. Of course if MJ won’t budge, then keep a pair of jeans in closet near door and throw them on like you would a jacket.

  55. I get it. I drive my son to school while wearing the leggings and tee I wore to bed. But even though we don’t care what neighbors think, this is about caring what your wife thinks. Pull on some jeans. They can be dirty if it makes you feel better. (Happy wife, happy life.)

  56. You guys with this happy wife, happy life stuff. I just don’t get it. I didn’t marry someone who feels happiness is me always agreeing with her and doing whatever she says. That’s crazy.

    I take my wife’s opinion into account as she does for me. But how I dress isn’t up to her. I certainly don’t tell her what to do, that would be rude and disturbing. I really feel for all these guys who just roll over and do what they’re told. That’s not marriage, that’s obedience school.
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  57. My husbabd would probably call me names too, but I think a decent pair of pants or jeans would go a long way. I know it’s just a bus stop, but it sends a message. Cartoony pjs are a no-go!

  58. I am a stay at home mom of 7 daughters (7,8,12,14,16,17,18)…I used to work and do the whole DRESS UP daily thing and I now call PJs my Uniform HOWEVER the moment I walk out the door I am now not just about ME…I am MY FAMILY and our reputation it’s not just about ME and MY comfort….How I look impacts my kiddos and their friends to have something to make fun of them about and trust me there is enough bullying in the world that just throwing on a pair of Jeans for 10 minutes wouldn’t hurt….I have done that and as soon as I walk in the door my UNIFORM goes back on.

  59. I would class up the PJ’s, lol. I get my husband nice plaid and solid color PJ’s from Kohls for $10 (or less) a pair…a lot more mature looking if worn out to the bus stop. Therefore you kinda both win. You get to still wear your comfortable PJ’s…but they aren’t (sorry for this word) childish looking. I stay home with my children during the day, and don’t go into my salon until about 4pm, so I bum around all day before I actually have to dress up. A trip to the grocery store usually consists of a pony tail and yoga pants, BUT I make sure my kids look good. I know it really is no one else’s business about your personal life, but I’d hate for people to think that I was a dumpy, lazy mom. So at least if my children have nice outfits on and my daughter has some cute braids, they know that I take pride in making them look good. Just remember to always still make sure that you feel good about yourself. Just because you are a parent doesn’t mean you can’t look nice for no reason. πŸ™‚

  60. Wear your PJ’S and don’t worry about other people judging you. That is their problem not yours. What is most important is that you are an active dad providing for your family. Grow up people. It is not an A item in the big scheme of things….

  61. So, perhaps we are very trashy here on the Island of Hilton Head b/c one day a year our students have P.J. day at school? P.J.’s scream–slow the f*#& down world and chill a bit. We need more parents wearing p.j.’s to the bus stop or better yet, driving your child to school in those p.j.’s so you have that extra time alone with them for what has proven to me to be opportunity for intimate dialog. Your wife should be grateful her children’s fathers want to take them to the bus stop. We really have gotten way too far ahead of what truly matters. Go P.J. Dad-rock’em!

  62. Wow!! People are really fired up! I’m not that fired up, but I feel compelled to comment to be a part of this. πŸ™‚ My husband stays home with our daughter and I would have no problem with him wearing his PJ bottoms out to the end of the driveway. In fact, it might be better than what he does wear to take out the trash.

  63. Mary Ellen: I would have no problem with my wife wearing flannel PJs to the bus stop. She looks beautiful in whatever she wears, and she’s perfectly capable of dressing herself. She doesn’t need me in that respect.

    As far as my appearance representing my family, again, I’m not going out in PJs. I’m going to the end of my driveway. While this is technically “out in public,” it’s really not since I’m still on my property. If someone wants to negatively judge me or my family for my PJs instead of the fact that I work hard, get raises, stay involved at home, change diapers, do midnight feedings for the baby, coach T-ball teams, etc., then screw them. They’re not worth knowing.
    Daddy Files recently posted..Would You Wear Pajamas at the Bus Stop?My Profile

  64. I generally don’t care what people think but unfortunately once you stop caring, it eventually creeps into other areas of your life. You’ll work better and feel better if you get dressed. ( I think it’s a proven fact, but I don’t have the evidence handy πŸ™‚ )

    You don’t want your wife repulsed by you and I’m sure you love her so I’d get dressed if I were you!!! πŸ™‚

  65. PJs. It’s not like you’re trying to impress the other kids on the bus. Would she make you put on “real clothes” to get the newspaper at the end of the driveway each day (assuming you get a newspaper)?
    Seth recently posted..30 Lessons to My DaughterMy Profile

  66. I wear PJ pants loud and proud go to Facebook and look up hashtag #busstopmamas – we wear PJs daily. We have friends who are horrified lol. But here’s the deal – I’m married, not trying to attract a mate, nor do I care what others think. I am the mom who dresses up w/the kids on theme days at school and such. I’m not embarassed and I learned that the haters – well they wish they had enough courage to not care what others think. Wear what YOU want.

  67. I personally agree with being able to wear pj’s I mean really what’s the big deal about it? They are comfortable, It’s not like he’s out there showing leg or anything. And we should have the right to wear what make’s us feel good. Really does it matter what the neighbors think ? Do we go to bed with them? Do we delve into our deepest conversations with them? So what if they don’t like to see us taking our kids to the bus stop in our pj’s, ya know what I say don’t look. People have gotten so caught up in what’s appropriate and what’s not. When there were cavemen roaming around they had loin clothes and granted we have evolved past the whole loin clothe thing. We should still be able to wear what makes us comfortable. I take my daughter to the bus stop every morning in my pj’s. It’s not a store, pub, office, or any other area of social interaction. it’s the end of the driveway, I also don’t really see the need in getting a pair of pant’s out if you are just going to put pj’s back on as soon as you get in the house. I don’t know about you guys but if it get’s taken off the hanger it get’s washed, regardless of how long or why it was worn. For me that would make 5 pairs of pants to be washed again. Which in my opinion would be a waste of water and soap. so in essence by wearing pj’s to the bus stop you are helping to save the environment. That being said I am officially declaring the first Friday in April to be wear your pj’s to take the kids to school and help save the environment day!
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  68. You really have two options here…1) purchase a hoodie with the something like #Swag on it and just put on a pair of jeans. 2) create another shirt with a blown up picture of your kid on it. After wearing those two…everyone will want you back in pjs.

    Although you may want to be careful with what you wear b/c cameras are abundant now a days. You may end up on Instagram or Facebook.

  69. Travis: I like where your head’s at. But to be fair, I’m already putting myself on Instagram and Facebook. No shame here. I work hard, provide for my family, strive to be an involved dad — I just want to relax and be comfortable on the days I work from home. So PJs it is.
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  70. Boy on the Bus: Hi Will, how come your dad looks like the guy who sleeps under bridge and smells like urine?

    Will: He’s not homeless or mentally deficient, he is just comfortable.

    That is what your 5 year olds are saying.

    It takes just as much time to put on a pair of jeans or trousers as it does a pair of pajamas. While no one has doubted your ability to provide financial support, safety and security for your family, what you aren’t providing in that 10 minutes and is a strong role model. Why not show your son that you have brushed your teeth, washed your face and hands, put on some outdoor clothing and are ready to face the day and all of its glorious challenges. Sure it might be more comfortable to wear fairy’s wings to school or the banana costume from the Peanut Butter Jelly Time video to a funeral but you shouldn’t.

    I am a bus stop dad as well and some of the other parents look terrible. Their kids dress in a similar fashion and because they either don’t know or are taught to care.
    Anyone can still be comfortable in clean clothes, that fit well, and are a suited for the situation. PJs are for sleeping, not dragging your baggy heals through muddy puddles then coming back in the house or bed.

    Yoga pants are for Yoga
    Sweat Pants are for exercise –

    There was a whole Seinfeld episode dedicated to this very topic..

    Jerry Seinfeld to George Costanza. You know what you are saying when you wear sweat pants β€œI give up; I can’t compete in normal society, I am miserable, so I might as well be comfortable”


    I tip my Derby to you all!

  71. Being a strong role model has nothing — I repeat, NOTHING — to do with how you dress at the bus stop.

    My son sees me in business casual when I go into the office, and a suit if I ever have a job interview, funeral, wedding, etc. I don’t like dressing up. It’s horrible. I don’t believe wearing a suit makes one grown up or mature. If we tell our kids not to judge a book by its cover, but then do exactly that when we judge others in front of them, we’re a bunch of hypocrites.

    I think things would be a little better if we all worried a little less about completely superficial crap like PJs at the bus stop.

  72. I think those pjs at perfect for the bus stop. I’m the mom of 8…..I just sleep in yoga pants so I can just roll out of bed and take the kids to school.

  73. PJ’s to the bus stop is just fine. I am a stay at home Mom and I wear my pj’s to drop my kids off at the school. This also includes getting out of the door and standing at in the field by my daughters entrance till the bell goes. I also expect a hug and a kiss before she goes into the school.

  74. PJ’s are fine, I drop my husband and oldest at the bus at 710 and 720, and have the two littles in the car along with #4 internal. I get dressed, in my ‘work out clothes’. So maybe like once a week I’ll walk #2 to school instead of getting back in the car 30 minutes later to drop her at school (in the same ‘work out clothes’). Do I wear these same clothes on the couch watching PBS after the kids are in bed… yes…. does that make them PJ’s maybe….but if I call them work out clothes, then technically I’m dressed.

  75. A vote for the PJs! My husband gives me a hard time when I wear slippers out of the house. I ask, why does it matter? It doesn’t. Thanks for the laughs in the comments section!

  76. I also work from home and am a mother of an 8 & 5 year old. I make a point of putting on leggings and a shirt. I do not stay in my PJ’s all day. I respect myself too much to do that. I am not a slob. I agree with some of the posts, take off your pj’s and put on a pair of sweat/jogging pangs with a t-shirt. I find pj’s put my mood down. I need to take them off once I get up in the morning.

  77. I would definitely wear my PJ’s and have seen many people do it. There is no reason not to. Neighbors, kids, and the bus driver really don’t care.

  78. What happened to teaching our children it’s what’s on the inside that matters, don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Honestly, I think this whole thing is ridiculous, I mean, it shouldn’t even be an issue! What’s MJ going to say to your son if he’s not dressed to her standards to go out and play or whatnot? Seriously, is she going to call him white trash? I think not, and if she does, then she needs some help. If it’s such a problem for her and you’re “such an embarrassment to all”, why is she even hanging around? I thought when those vows are taken, there’s an unspoken agreement to love and support each other as is, not try to change them?! Ugh, sorry for the rant. It’s just I have spent my entire 33 years worrying about what other people thought of how I looked to the point I couldn’t get the mail, or even mow the yard, without showering & doing my hair and makeup. It took YEARS of my family telling me that it was ridiculous and unnecessary as what people think of how you look, is so very unimportant. Hope all works out for you!

  79. Just put my kid on the bus from the luxury of a bathrobe. But i don’t do it every day. The bus driver has seen me look good. Just not this morning.

  80. Thumbs up from me for PJ’s at the bus stop! This is exactly how I got my son on and off the bus today! Busy busy day. http://tinypic.com/r/xgi77m/8
    It’s obvious that I could care less what people think of me. I know who I am and am 100% comfortable with it. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. In between the conference calls and running around getting him ready I am lucky to get a shower. I certainly do not look like I run a successful business from home but I do and that’s what matters to me. I dress the part when I have to but the bus stop isn’t it. Here’s to PJ’s & working from your couch! It’s taken a ton or hard work to get there! PJ’s are just one of the perks! πŸ™‚

  81. i always wear pj’s. Getting a 5 year old up and ready at 7 am is hard. I refuse to do stuff for her, my job is to motivate her and keep her on time. I don’t get her dressed or brush her hair or put her shoes on. She does everything herself and although it takes some time (like 10 times longer than if I did it) I think it is an important life skill. By the time she is ready to go I have enough time to get a jacket and put a leash on the dog and off to the the bus stop we go. I stand out there for about 3-4 minutes depending on how the bus is running that day, then I come right back inside. I see no harm at all in pjs at the bus stop. When I see pj’s at the bus stop I assume those parents are like me and spent their time getting their children ready to go and when they get inside they will stArt there “me” time and focus on what they have to do the rest of the day.
    Only thing I would say is no writing on the butt.. That to me is a little trashy

  82. My vote is: put on sweatpants and a hoodie but take off the pajamas! I would be appalled if my husband went out to get the paper before he got dressed.in my house Sunday’s are ” pajama day ” but we all get up and change from what we slept in into sweatsuits or hoodies and sweatpants and go out to eat like that. Maybe if u can meet her halfway and just find pajamas a little nicer than with patriot logos all over and buy a pair of grey champion sSeats and see if she will aaccept them at the same time u can be comfortable. Isn’t that what marriage is about, compromising?

  83. in my old age, I have now learned what really matters in life and it isn’t worrying about PJ’s at the bus stop! Sorry to your wife. Being there for your son and walking him to the bus stop is what he will remember and how it made him feel to be loved by you! (He may tell his wife you wore pajamas and they may laugh at you, but laughter brings happiness, right?!). God bless!

  84. I personally agree with MJ. I am a single mother who gets up 30 minutes before my son to get showered and put make up on before taking him out to the bus. That’s just me though.

  85. sweat pants (the name tells you all you need to know) say that you don’t care what people think, but at least they are NOT BEDCLOTHES, which are intended to be worn to bed, NOT to the bus stop … you probably wouldn’t wear a shirt with big letters saying I AM A SLOB, but that’s exactly what you are doing when you wear pajamas ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THE HOUSE … furthermore, the fact that you don’t care that it upsets your wife indicates that you are INSENSITIVE and SELFISH … i am in favour of dressing casually and comfortably, but you are way over the line … it’s time to grow up, but i’ll bet you won’t … so don’t be surprised that many people think you’re a jerk … they’re just getting the message that you’re sending …

  86. Well, you seem to have the market cornered on jerkdom.

    I guess the fact that I was out taking care of my kid and making sure he got on the bus is irrelevant. It’s all about what you’re wearing. Because that makes sense.
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  87. As long as they’re not indecent (huge hole in the crotch, sagging and showing your plumbers crack, naked women screen printed on them, etc.) I think PJs at the bus stop are perfectly acceptable.

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