Weight Loss, Smiles and More Poop

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I won’t be posting much this weekend because it’s a 3-day weekend, the weather is supposed to be great and I’m going to be outside with my family and dogs. But first…

The Weight Loss Death Match is going so-so. I’ve been really good but I haven’t seen the results I’ve wanted. I’m eating right and MJ is still helping me count calories. I usually have a cup of cereal in the morning, a sandwich wrap at lunch with a yogurt and usually something like chicken for dinner with a 100-calorie snack pack. And I’m exercising like crazy. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I run two miles on the Cape Cod Canal the same amount. I also play softball and basketball once a week. Yet I’ve only lost 8 lbs in three weeks. It’s really pissing me off. Last time I went all out like this the fat was literally shedding off of me. I’m hoping I’ll get through this plateau soon. And sure my pants are loose and things fit me better, but I’m only interested in the number of lbs. lost. There’s money on the line.

On the Will front, he’s getting so expressive. I’ve been getting smiles on top of smiles lately and I love making him laugh. He gives me this goofy, ear-to-ear toothless grin and I light up each and every time. Well, almost each and every time. Let me tell you a story about yesterday…

So I’m playing with him on the floor yesterday and having a great time. I’m laying on my back and I have him sitting on top of me. I’m bouncing him around and he’s having a grand old time laughing and smiling away. He continued to smile as I had him sitting right on my stomach, when he let out (what I thought was) the biggest fart I’ve ever heard. I joked with him and told him I was proud of his manly flatulence and all was good. Until about five minutes later when I realized he hadn’t farted…

The kid crapped straight through his diaper, through his outfit and onto me. HE CRAPPED RIGHT ON ME! This sent my loving wife into hysterics as I scrambled to my feet and fought the urge to throw up because of the baby poop all over my midsection. Damn kid is already screwing with my head. But it’s impossible to be mad at him. Just look at the picture at the top of this post. So cute I want to eat his face!

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4 thoughts on “Weight Loss, Smiles and More Poop

  1. Yeah, I hear ya. Try being a mom and having your kid crap all over the ONLY pair of non-maternity jeans you have that fit your post-partum body. SO fun!

    Really enjoying your blog!

  2. My doctor told me (pregnancy related doctor) that cereal is what I needed to eat to gain weight that it was the best thing for gaining breakfast wise.. just something I thought I’d bring up. Otherwise good luck!! Might try a fresh fruit/veggie (kale and spinach hides well in it) with egg smoothie with skim milk. cover all your bases at once.. I do smoothie/toast for breakfast.. fills you up and is really good for you. Good luck! 🙂

  3. A bit controversial, but South Beach or any low carb diet really worked for me after I had my last baby. I will be doing it again after this one.

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